Evil Dead The Game is out now and you can unlock Ash Williams, the character from Ash vs Evil Dead in the game. In this Evil Dead The Game guide, we are going to walk you through how you can unlock Ash Williams.

Unlocking Ash Williams In Evil Dead The Game

Most of the characters are ready to play at launch, Ash Williams needs to be unlocked by completing a specific mission. To unlock him, you will need to complete the first mission “If You Love Someone, Set Them Free… With a Chainsaw”

Completing the first mission will give you the backstory of the game and will also provide you with the audio files called the Knowby Recordings. Ash is a Hunter with a special ability to exorcise demons from any possessed Survivor or basic unit. When used against a possessed elite or boss unit, it drains the Demon’s Infernal Energy.

The first mission can be tricky but if you can manage your resources well enough and can avoid the Deadites then you should be fine. You will go through the mission as Ash himself so you will be able to take advantage of his skills and chainsaw.

If you are having trouble completing the mission then you can check out the complete walkthrough in the video included below:

Once you have completed the mission you will unlock the leader version of the character which you can then use in the multiplayer mode. You will also be able to play Ash in all the roles.

This is how you can unlock Ash Williams in Evil Dead The Game. To learn more, check out our guide on how you can unlock Amanda Fisher.

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