Sage is one of the Agents in Valorant and has the abilities that help her and teammates. She is a supporting character that can revive allies with the ultimate ability that she has. She an interesting character to play with, some useful tips and tricks, and knowing what weapons to use for Sage can definitely come in handy.


Valorant Sage Tips and Abilities

Sage is a Sentinel Agent that comes with her own abilities that complement her role in the arena. Sage abilities in Valorant consist of two purchasable abilities, one signature ability, and one ultimate ability. The main focus of Sage is to help out teammates by being in the best position possible.

Abilities Charges  Type  Cost  Description 
Barrier Orb  1  Basic  300 Creds  Sage can use an ice wall to block the enemy line of sight. 
Slow Orb  2  Basic  100 Creds  Release an orb that creates an icy AoE that slows down enemies. Enemies walking on ice make enough noise for you to gear. 
Healing Orb  1  Signature  Free  Sage can heal herself and her teammates. The ability has a 30 seconds cooldown. 
Resurrection  1  Ultimate  7 Ultimate Orbs  Sage can resurrect allies. 

 Sage Tips and Tricks – How to Win, Best Weapons

The main use of the Barrier Orb is to block enemy line of sight but you can use this to lure enemies into an easier line of sight. Use the barrier to lead enemies into your line of sight. Use the slow orb to support your lead DPS Agents like Raze, Jett, and Phoenix. Avoid using Sage’s ultimate in the middle of a firefight.

Valorant Sage Healing Orb Tips


Sage’s healing orb will last 5 seconds which can get you up to 100HP.  Sage can see teammates’ health bars, however, Sage needs a line of sight to heal using the healing orbs. Don’t hesitate to use the orb for yourself if you are the one in need of it. The hearing orb is the reason why Sage is deadly in 1v1 fights.

Valorant Sage Barrier Orb Tips

Since you only get one charge you need to be very careful about when and how to use Sage’s Barrier Orb.  Placing the wall is a bit tricky, the wall is divided into different sections and each section must be placed in a valid area. However, any part of the barrier that is placed in an invalid area, such as a player being in the way, that particular section of the wall will break. Enemies only need to break off a section of the wall to get through so using the most obvious blocking paths may not work as well. Angle the barrier to ensure that the enemy must destroy at least two sections of the wall to get through. The max duration of the wall is 40 seconds and each section has its own independent health. Moreover, you can use the Barrier Orb to lift Sage and get the high ground advantage.  Beware of Raze’s paint shells of you and your team is close behind the Sage wall.

Valorant Sage Slow Orb Tips


The slow orbs last 8 seconds and walking through it makes a lot of noise. Slow Orb can be used as a deterrent for the enemy team, block their way, or slow them down. The orb can be thrown a long way, especially if you stand on top of the Barrier Orb. The Slow Orb will cover the same amount of area. If you throw it into a corner, it’ll push to the opposite to expand its AoE.

Valorant Sage Resurrection Tips

Resurrection is Sage’s Ultimate ability. The ability must be used at the right time to ensure its effectiveness. It is not a bad idea to erect a wall to block the line of sight before trying to revive a teammate with Resurrection. It takes a few seconds to revive an ally which means if you’re not protected, you could end up dead yourself. The revived agent will get 100HP and can instantly join the fight. Depending on the situation, revive the most relevant teammate.

Best Sage Weapons

Weapon  Damage (No Armor)  Damage (Light Armor)  Damage (Heavy Armor) 
  • Head: 160 
  • Body: 55 
  • Leg: 47 
  • Head: 145 
  • Body: 50 
  • Leg: 43 
  • Head: 156 
  • Body: 39 
  • Leg: 33 
  • Head: 156 
  • Body: 39 
  • Leg: 33 
  • Head: 156  
  •   Body: 39  
  •   Leg: 33 
  • Head: 202 
  • Body: 101 
  • Leg: 85 
n/a  n/a 
  • Head: 255 
  • Body: 150 
  • Leg: 127 
n/a  n/a 

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