Starfield players have the opportunity to immerse themselves in various factions, each offering unique experiences and rewards. One such faction is the United Colonies, and with it comes the coveted UC Citizenship. This guide will walk you through the steps to obtain UC Citizenship, allowing you to enjoy the perks and privileges that come with it.


UC Citizenship is a status that players can achieve within the United Colonies faction in Starfield. This status grants players various benefits, including the ability to purchase property in New Atlantis, access to exclusive missions, and more. But how does one become a UC Citizen?

How To Get UC Citizenship

  1. Meet Commander Tuala: The process of getting UC Citizenship in Starfield begins in the MAST District in Jameison. Here, players will find a large grey building with the word “MAST” displayed prominently. Inside, players will meet Commander John Tuala, a key figure in the United Colonies Vanguard. Engaging with him will kickstart the quest “Supra Et Ultra.”
  2. Enter the Simulation: Tuala will guide players to a space combat simulator located within the same building. To prove their worth, players must successfully complete level 3 of the simulation. While the first two levels are relatively straightforward, the third level can be challenging, especially for those new to space combat mechanics. It’s advisable to interact with all the terminals in the UC historical exhibit en route to the simulator, as this not only provides valuable lore but also improves the quest reward.
  3. Join the UC Vanguard: After successfully completing the simulation, players should report back to Tuala. He will then offer the opportunity to join the UC Vanguard. Accepting this offer and following Tuala outside will lead to a swearing-in ceremony, officially inducting the player into the Vanguard. It’s worth noting that some players have reported bugs during this sequence, so it’s a good idea to save the game before proceeding.
  4. Embark on the Questline: With the swearing-in complete, Tuala will assign the quest “Grunt Work.” This quest is the starting point of a series of missions that players must complete to achieve UC Citizenship. The quests in this series include:
    • Supra Et Ultra
    • Grunt Work
    • Delivering Devils
    • Eyewitness
    • Friends Like These
    Completing the “Friends Like These” quest will grant players UC Citizenship, allowing them to enjoy the associated benefits.

Benefits of UC Citizenship

  1. Access to Terromorph Questline: UC Citizenship unlocks an engaging and intense questline involving Terromorphs, providing players with a rich narrative experience.
  2. Housing in Jemison: As a UC Citizen, players qualify for housing. After completing the “Friends Like These” quest, players can approach a real estate agent to purchase an apartment in The Well, located in Jemison.