Ubisoft China has announced that the popular racing game, Trackmania (2020) by Ubisoft Nadeo, will be released on consoles on May 4th. The game has been available on PC for three years, and the announcement of the console release was made half a year ago with no further information given on the exact release date.

The announcement was made on the Chinese website, Bilibili, by the Chinese team who have been early on reveal triggers. Fans of the game have been eagerly awaiting the release on consoles, and the news of the May 4th launch date has come as a welcome surprise.

Trackmania will land on console platforms on May 4th. Invite your friends to create their own tracks and dominate the leaderboards! Tip: Play for free! Come and join the race!
Ubisoft China (Translated by RespawnFirst)

Trackmania (2020) is known for its fast-paced and challenging gameplay, with players able to create and share their own tracks and compete in online races. The console release is expected to bring in a new wave of players and add to the already thriving community.

Ubisoft Nadeo has yet to release an official statement on the Chinese team’s announcement, but fans are excitedly counting down the days until May 4th when they can finally experience the thrill of Trackmania (2020) on their consoles.

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