Division 2 Warlord Of New York expansion has been announced and it is coming out next month. With that said, players must be wondering why they are headed back to New York in the new expansion. Ubisoft has the perfect answer to that question.

If you were worried that going back meant the same assets being used again and the world being the same then you can rest assured that you will be in a whole new area of New York. The following is what Cloe Hammoud, World Content Manager at Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment had to say about going back to New York.:

We started to tell a story with The Division. It was important for us to close the narrative arc. The expansion allows us to do that, while also providing a new playground for the players, a brand-new part of the open world, a new map. It was important for us to have new challenges and new activities, while also getting back to the roots of the franchise.

Division 2 Warlord

She also mentioned how Aaron Keener has proper motives and might not really be a bad guy. She touched on the fact that being a rogue agent is not Black and White and how people can be complicated. Here is what she had to say regarding the matter:

With Warlords of New York, it’s an opportunity for us to dig into the character of Aaron Keener, who’s a threat to the society the Division agent is trying to protect and rebuild. It’s also important for us to show that being a rogue agent isn’t black and white. He’s not necessarily evil, on the dark side. For us it’s important to show that there are many layers to these decisions.

We have encountered Aaron Keener in the first game and it will be nice to tie up loose ends. If you have played the previous game then you might be interested in checking out Division 2 Warlord Of New York as well.

Let us know what you think about Division 2 Warlord Of New York and whether or not you are interested in checking out the new expansion when it comes out on March 3rd, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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