How to Get Kudosh Points in Two Point Hospital

How to Get Kudosh Points in Two Point Hospital

Becoming the biggest hospital tycoon in Two Point Hospital is a long and tedious journey. It requires many different things ranging from training staff to researching, state-of-the-art equipment, and of course, money – loads of it. But one thing that’s even more important in Two Point Hospital is farming Kudosh Points.

Two Point Hospital Kudosh Points Farming

K Points or Kudosh Points are used to unlock different pieces of equipment, staff, building, etc. Once unlocked, the players should be able to purchase these items by spending in-game money. I should also note here that item unlocks are always permanent whether the players use them or not.

When it comes to getting K Points in Two Point Hospital, there aren’t a whole lot of ways of doing so. The players automatically receive a small sum of K Points as they progress through the first initial hours of the game.

Aside from this, some other ways include passing a health inspection or getting through a medical emergency. However, players who are interested in farming decent Kudosh Points should take a look at their Career Goals in the game.

Accessed from the “Career” tab, these Career Goals should show the players a range of objectives (easy and difficult) that they could complete in order to get K Points. These objectives range from earning a specific sum of money to curing x number of patients.

The amount earned through these means should be enough to get the players through a few early levels of the game. During the endgame, things like training hospital staff and researching should net the players with a regular stream of K Points.

This is how you can easily farm Kudosh Points in Two Point Hospital. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our Two Point Hospital Wiki guide.

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