Two Point Hospital Illnesses Guide – How to Cure, Treatment Rooms, Cost

Two Point Hospital Illnesses Guide

To cure different ailments in Two Point Hospital, you’ll need to do research. As you progress through the game, you’ll continue to discover more diseases and will have to conduct research on them to be able to cure them effectively. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about treating different illnesses in Two Point Hospital.

Two Point Hospital Illnesses

It’s also important to know about different patients’ diagnostic paths by clicking on them. Different patients have a varying degree of diagnostic paths. While one patient may only need to visit one department, the other one might need to visit two or three departments before being cured.

Illness Diagnostic Room Cost Required Staff
Verbal Diarrhoea Pharmacy $6,000 Nurse
Misery Guts Pharmacy $7,000 Nurse
Bed Face Ward $5,000 Nurse
Litter Bug Injection Room $7,000 Nurse
Lycanthropy Pharmacy $9,000 Nurse
Monobrow Ward $8,000 Nurse
Shock Horror Shock Clinic $11,000 N/A
Light Headed De Lux Clinic $8,000 Doctor
Humerus Injury Fracture Ward $6,000 Nurse
Grout Pharmacy $6,000 Nurse
Lazy Bones Ward $6,000 Nurse
Grey Anatomy Chromatherapy $10,000 Doctor
Clamp Pharmacy $6,000 Nurse
Premature Mummification Cryptology $12,000 Doctor
8-Bitten Resolution Lab $11,000 N/A
Boggled Mind Psychiatry $6,000 Doctor
Spontaneous Combustion Injection Room $10,000 N/A
Decision Rash Injection Room $8,000 Nurse
Night Fever Psychiatry $8,000 Doctor
Animal Magnetism 4 x 4 Room $10,000 Trained Nurse
Boggled Ming GP Office and Psychiatry $9,000 N/A
Broken Face Fracture Ward $8,000 Nurse
Cross Bones Fracture Ward $9,000 Nurse
Cubism Recurvery Room $12,000 Doctor
Emperor Clothes Psychiatry $10,000 N/A
Floppy Discs Surgery $21,000 Doctor
Grout Pharmacy $6,000 Nurse
Heart Throb Surgery $23,000 Doctor
Hurty Leg Fracture Ward $7,000 Nurse
Inflated Ego Psychiatry $8,000 Doctor
Jazz Hands Ward $10,000 Nurse
Jest Infection Clown Clinic $9,000 Doctor
Mime Crisis Psychiatry $7,000 Doctor with Psychiatry Specialization
Mock Star Psychiatry $5,000 Doctor
Mood Poisoning Injection Room $5,000 Doctor
Mucky Feet Ward $9,000 Nurse
Pandemic Pans Lab $8,500 Doctor
Pipe Organs Surgery $22,000 Doctor
Portishead Ward $7,000 Nurse
Potty Mouth Pharmacy $9,600 Nurse
Pudding Blood Injection Room $9,000 Nurse
Rock Bottom Injection Room $6,000 Nurse
Shattered Fracture Ward $10,000 Doctor
Spinal Bap Surgery $20,000 Doctor, Nurse
Touch of Midas Surgery $14,000 Doctor
Turtle Head Head Office $11,000 Doctor
Verbal Diarrhoea Pharmacy $6,000 Nurse
Leopard Skin DNA Lab $12,000 Doctor
Denim Genes DNA Lab $10,000 Doctor
Jumbo DNA DNA Lab $13,000 Doctor

This is how you can cure all the different illnesses in Two Point Hospital. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our Two Point Hospital Wiki guides.

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