On your journey to becoming the biggest hospital tycoon in town, you’ll need to complete a range of career goals. These career goals in Two Point Hospital aren’t specific to a single hospital and you’ll continue to complete them as you progress through the game.

Two Point Hospital Career Goals

Another thing that you need to note is that each goal in the game is further divided into tiers. Upon the completion of each tier, you’ll earn rewards. One of the rewards that you’ll earn from the completion of these career goals is Kudosh Points or K Points.

Once earned, you can use these Kudosh Points to unlock equipment for your hospital rooms. The following are all the career goals that you can complete in Two Point Hospital:

  • Cure 100 Patients
  • Earn $1,000,000
  • Promote 500 Staff
  • Promote 100 Doctors
  • Promote 100 Nurses
  • Promote 100 Janitors
  • Promote 100 Assistants
  • Earn K1,000
  • Get 3 Stars in Tumble
  • Get 3 Stars in Mitton University
  • Get 3 Stars in Flemington
  • Get 15 Stars
  • Repair 100 Machines
  • Water 100 Plants
  • Unblock 100 Toilets
  • Restock 100 Vending Machines
  • Capture 100 Ghosts
  • Upgrade 5 Machines
  • Launch 10 Marketing Campaigns
  • Get an Organisation Value of $10,000,000
  • Train 20 Staff
  • Train a Staff Member in Diagnostics V
  • Train a Staff Member in Psychiatry V
  • Train a Staff Member in Research V
  • Train a Staff Member in Surgery V
  • Complete 10 Research Projects
  • Complete 20 Multiplayer Challenges
  • Train 50 Assistants
  • Train 50 Doctors
  • Train 50 Janitors
  • Train 50 Nurses

These are all the career goals that you can complete in the game. For more help on the game, you can check out our Two Point Hospital Wiki guides.

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