Now it’s time for you to transit to the culinary world! Yes, I’m talking about Piazza Lanatra in the Two Point Campus. Here you will learn everything more students, for example, clubs and unions as well as the private lessons.

Two Point Campus Piazza Lanatra

1-Star Objective

The Piazza Lanatra objective of the level-1 star in the Two Point Campus:

  • 10x student should take private tuitions.
  • Raise the average entertainment rating of your students to 70%.
  • The minimum 5x students should take B Grade in the Gastronomy Classes.
  • Must Earn/Win the “Cook-Off” Campus

Your students should appear in the private tuition one-to-one session to boost the students. While tech your students about Union for their grooming, and get some enjoyment out of it. As a result, you will see that your students will automatically perform Gastronomy class. As a result, your student’s levels will improve, and they’ll be able to participate in the Cook-Off event (choose the Savoury Kitchen and press the event button). However, for the event, your students’ average should be at least level 4; therefore, check the list.

2-Star Objective

The Piazza Lanatra objective of the level-2 star in the Two Point Campus:

  • Increase the campus level to at least 12.
  • Raise the average hygiene rating of your students to 70%.
  • Increase the club level to at least 5.
  • Win the County Cook-Off event.

At the 2-Star Objective, you will unlock the Sweet Kitchen. Meanwhile, build new rooms to increase the campus level to 12. To win the County Cook-Off event, maintaining the club’s hygiene is the only key. For hygiene, you place sanitizers, sinks, and showers on the campus to make it cleaner. Promote the clubs so more students can participate, and your student level will increase.

3-Star Objective

The Piazza Lanatra objective of the level-3 star in the Two Point Campus:

  • Your campus should have 100x Students.
  • Must Satisfy 20x Chef Personal Goals.
  • Avargar of students should get a B+ Grade in Gastronomy Class.
  • You Must Win Celebrity Cook-Off Event.

Many students will join and leave the campus every year. However, there must be a minimum of 100 students on campus so you can progress. To maintain the strength and fulfill the student’s personal needs. The private tuition will help the majority of students to get B+ grades. Send back the students with lower grades to private tuitions and check them regularly.

Moreover, the Celebrity Cook-Off would be a piece of cake for your brilliant and top students level of more than 11. So participate Celebrity Cook-Off event until you win it.

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