In Freshleigh Meadows, there’s a Two-Point Campus in which players learn the fundamentals of the game. The players will learn everything from constructing classrooms/study areas to faculty and student management at this location. You are required to help students graduate as soon as possible by assigning tasks.

Two Point Campus Freshleigh Meadows

Actually, the tasks are divided into three categories 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star. The higher star level means a more difficult objective.

1-Star Objective

  • The objective of the level-1 star in the Two Point Campus:
  • Raise the average happiness rating of your students to 60%.
  • Increase the campus level to at least 5.
  • The minimum passing grade is “C.”
  • It’s necessary to build the Virtual Normality Classroom.

The 2nd course will be unlocked in the 1-star objective. You’ll study this course in the new VR Room, which is a classroom built specifically for virtual reality instruction. To complete the objective, you must construct additional VR rooms. The minimum 60% happiness rating is another thing that is more crucial than anything else in the 1-Star aim. The key to success here is to inform students about campus activities throughout the summer break so they may learn more about them independently. Meanwhile, you may build more classrooms and decorate the campus to improve its level.

2-Star Objective

The objective of the level-2 star in the Two Point Campus:

  • Raise the average dorm rating of your students to 70%.
  • Increase the campus level to at least 9.
  • It’s necessary to complete 10x Personal Goals
  • Earn up the minimum amount of 150,000$.

During the 2-star objective, the Scientography and Virtual Normality classes will be stand-alone with little upkeep. The school’s development is determined by how effectively you construct and decorate it. Nonetheless, you must try to make your students happy and welcome. As a result of this, an attempt to improve the dormitory. These activities will automatically raise the campus’s level and cash.

Furthermore, you may build two bedrooms and large bedrooms, as well as wardrobe and décor space. As a result, you will save at least 7800 dollars. Finally, complete the carrier objectives to obtain the Kudosh, which will let you satisfy students’ needs even more.

3-Star Objective

The objective of the level-3 star in the Two Point Campus:

  • Raise the average happiness rating of your students to 65%
  • Increase the course level to at least 4.
  • At least 10 students should be graduates.
  • 10 A Grade class should be unlocked.

As a thank you for increasing the campus level, you may earn campus points and deposit them into a course that you enjoy at the end of the year. I propose using these points to finish the mission of 3 stars in Scientography or Virtual Normality classes. It also allows you to enroll more students and reach the maximum qualification level. Make your pupils happy by meeting their needs. As a result, students’ A-Grade chances will improve. Check student satisfaction scores regularly.

By following the above guidelines, you can complete 3 Star Level.

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