Twitch Streamer SayNoToRage (Lono) is a well-known Destiny 2 player and he has now been accused of sexual assault by various women. These women have taken to twitter to report cases of sexual advances that made then very uncomfortable.


They reported creepy behavior including unwanted touching. The first person to bring this up and voice her concerns was Twitch streamer, Jewels Verne.

This started a chain reaction and multiple other women have come forward and mentioned similar instances that they have experienced. Snaps, another important Destiny 2 community member mentioned her encounter with SayNoToRage and accused him of sexual assault.


The following is a passage from her story:

What happened next was worse. You started rubbing up and down on your pant legs with both arms, and sort of fidgeting/stretching out in your chair. You told me: “Sorry, I get really liberated when I’m high or drunk.” I responded and said: “I don’t even know what that means, but ok man, have a fun night.” You repeated yourself: “Yeah I’m just letting you know that I get really, like, awakened.” I once again responded dismissively, trying to make it clear I had no interest in wherever this conversation was going.

You leaned in, “Yeah it’s just that when I get high or drunk I get really liberated…sexually…”

I immediately leaned away from you even further and said, “Ok, whatever, I don’t need to hear about that, I don’t care about that, it’s not my business, feel whatever feelings you’re feeling but keep me out of it.”

You responded with “I’m just letting you know ahead of time because…” and I cut you off and said again “No, I don’t care. You don’t need to let me know, keep it to yourself.”

You tried again to repeat yourself by saying something like: “I’m just telling you just in case…” and then I made myself much clearer and even a bit louder, I’m honestly pretty sure the people sitting behind us heard all of this. I said: “I do not need you to tell me anything just in case, there is no just in case, this is going nowhere, do not tell me these things they have nothing to do with me. Keep it to yourself and keep your hands to yourself.”

Snaps also shared some emails in which SayNoToRage (Lono) tried to apologize for sexual assault. You can check out the tweets below:


Another Twitch Streamer Enviro shared her story of sexual assault by SayNoToRage before she got into streaming. The following is what she had to say regarding the matter:


Bungie has taken note of the sexual assault allegations on SayNoToRage and mentioned that Bungie will not be working with him in the future.  The following is the tweet from Community Manager at Bungie:

Lono did make an apology video which he has now deleted. In the video, he mentioned that his actions were due to a troubled upbringing which included getting raped by his girlfriend at the time when he was 16.

SayNoToRage Sexual Assault

Other prominent figures in the industry have taken to twitter to support people like Jewels Verne and Snaps. Leah had the following to say regarding the matter:

The Destiny community has rallied to support these women as well. Even though most people would call gamers toxic, this goes to show that is not the case. Gamers are like everyone else and the stereotypes are not to be believed.

We will keep updating this article as we get more information regarding the matter. So stay tuned!

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