Twitch has recently taken down the popular cartoon chick emote, chicaL, created by streamer and TikToker Chica. The platform claims the emote falls under the category of “Disallowed content – Targeted insults, bullying, and threatening or inciting abuse.”

The decision has left many puzzled, including Chica herself, who responded to the situation with a simple “???” tweet. Some speculate that the emote, which features the endearing chick making an “L” sign on its forehead (implying “loser”), could be construed as “inciting abuse.”

Although this argument might be acceptable to an elementary school teacher mediating a playground conflict, most would agree that a cute chick emote making an L gesture is harmless.

Chica is known for playing Fortnite, which has its own L dance emote that arguably takes the hand sign to a more intense level. However, the real reason behind the ban might be different—it could be due to the presence of a single letter.

Call of Duty streamer Natarsha offered her take on the situation: “I think they’re removing any emotes with single letters because people would use them to write bad stuff. I had my F emote removed too.”

GirlyBella supported this theory, saying, “They took my W, L, F.” Emotes with single letters could potentially bypass moderation systems, lending credibility to this explanation.

Nevertheless, Twitch’s official guideline banning “emotes containing a single letter” doesn’t seem to be the reason for the removal of chicaL. Instead, the platform cited “inciting abuse,” leaving everyone further bewildered.

This isn’t the first time a bird emote has faced a strange ban, as one was removed for suggestive content two years ago. Regardless of the reason behind the ban—whether it’s due to the single-letter content or Twitch’s perception of the emote as inappropriately insulting—chicaL is no longer available for use. Chica, however, is taking it all in stride, announcing her plans to perform the “Take the L” dance on every opponent she eliminates in Fortnite today.

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