It has only been a few days since Destiny streamer Lono ‘SayNoToRage’ was accused of unwanted sexual advances by multiple women in the gaming community. He was accused of pushing women into sex at gaming events. Now new information popping up as women of the industry have started sharing their experiences. A music streamer has now come forward and claimed that when the CEO of Twitch was asked about the abuse of women on the platform, he chuckled and moved on.


Twitter user Starling also mentioned that this was a recorded meeting in which this happened. She mentioned that when the Alinity case was brought up, animal rights experts were quoted but when it came to the abuse of women on Twitch, no importance was given and that the CEO just moved on from the topic.

You can check out the tweets from Starling below:



Starling also shared her own personal experience with a Twitch partner. She mentioned that she was in a relationship with a Twitch partner who emotionally and psychologically abused her for over a year. He also leaked her adult video and asked Twitch to ban her. You can check out the tweet below:

Since the Destiny streamer Lono ‘SayNoToRage’ issue has come forward, Twitch has issued a statement and promised to make the platform much safer but that is a bit too little too late now.


Viewers and steamers can see through the BS at this point and called Twitch out on this statement. You can check out some of the tweets below:

Twitch has not taken many actions in the past and the guidelines for what is wrong and what is right are pretty vague. So you can see why people are not sold on this statement. Whether or not the people behind the platform do something this time is something that we will have to wait and see.

Let us know what your think about the CEO of Twitch chuckling and moving on when asked about the abuse of women on the platform and what steps you think should be taken now in order to make the platform a safer place for everyone.


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