In Need For Speed Unbound, you will face the cops whether you like it or not. The Police can pop up at any time, when you are exploring the city and even in the middle of races. There are a couple of ways in which you can ditch the cops and turning off the engine of your car is one of them. In this Need for Speed Unbound guide, we go over how you can turn off the engine of your car.

Turning Off The Engine Of Your Car In Need For Speed Unbound

In order to turn off the engine of your car, you need to first make sure that your car is stationary and not moving at all. When it is idle, you need to press and hold the B button on Xbox and Circle for PlayStation. This will kill the engine and shut down your car.

Turning off your engine can come in handy as it makes it harder for you to be spotted once you have broken the line of sight with the cops and are trying to escape. We recommend finding a parking spot somewhere dark to try this. You will be spotted much easily if you have your engine on or if you are in an area with a lot of light.

How quickly you get spotted is also going to depend on the heat level and the level of difficulty that you are playing the game. At higher difficulties, cops are going to be more vigilant. The same is the case at higher heat levels since choppers can keep an eye on you from above. If that happens then finding a dark parking spot is not going to be enough and you will need to find cover. Heading underground of hiding under a bridge can help.

This is how you can turn off the engine of your car in Need for Speed Unbound. If you are having trouble ditching the cops then you can check out our guide on how you can avoid getting busted. You can also check out our guide on which drifting method is the best.

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