Interestingly, the Trident X bubble gum pack comes with 7 days of free Xbox Gamepass Ultimate. This is exclusive to certain regions as of right now but the promotion could make it to other parts of the world later on.

A Reddit user was able to pick up a pack from a local gas station inĀ  Brazil. This is an interesting promotion keeping in mind that Xbox and its services are not all that popular in Brazil as compared to other parts of the world. Microsoft is clearly building on the hype of the Xbox Series X and is not letting go of any opportunity of marking the Xbox brand.

We do not know how much a pack costs but getting 52 of these could get you a year of Xbox Gamepass Ultimate and it is most likely going to be cheaper than what Microsoft is charging for it directly. Plus you also get plenty of bubble gum that is going to last you a pretty long time.

Free Xbox Gamepass Ultimate

The Xbox Series X is going to release later this year alongside the PS5. Reports claim that there is an Xbox Series S in the works as well that is going to be less powerful than the Xbox Series X and is also going to cost less too. That should be very interesting to see indeed.

Xbox is having an event later this month and we should be able to see all the games that the company has to offer for the Series X. You can expect to see gameplay from upcoming games as well as reveals of new first-party and third-party games that will release in 2020 and 2021.

Sony has already had its event and has announced a couple of new titles that are going to come out this year. Others are going to release next year. It will be interesting to see what Xbox has in store for Series X.

Let us know what you think about this free Xbox Gamepass Ultimate promotion in collaboration with Trident bubble gum and whether or not this is something that you would like to see in your part of the world.

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