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How To Repair Weapons And Gear In Tribes Of Midgard


Tribes of Midgard offers a lot of weapons and gear for the players to use. However, players will eventually come to a point where they’ll have to repair their weapons and gear. Players will have to repair their weapons quite often as they get damaged quickly in combat. This Tribes Of Midgard guide will help players with how to repair weapons and gear.

How To Repair Weapons And Gear

To repair weapons in Tribes Of Midgard, players have to find a Repair Bench. The repair bench is located on the east side of the village.

Find Steinar the blacksmith in the village which players can find by finding the Anvil icon on the map. There are stairs near the blacksmith. Go up the stairs and then right to find the Repair bench.

To repair weapons, players need souls and nothing else. Just click on the gear or the weapon that you want to repair and it’ll tell players the souls required to repair it.

That is all for our Tribes Of Midgard guide on how to repair weapons and gear. For more on the game, also see How to Get Golden Horns and How to Unlock All Classes.

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