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How to Invite Friends in Tribes of Midgard – Multiplayer Co-op Tips


Tribes of Midgard lets 10 people – friends and strangers – join up for a co-op session across all platforms. Setting up an MP co-op session is fairly simple and can be done in minutes. There are, however, a couple of things to take care of. In this guide, we have provided step-by-step instructions on how to invite friends in the Tribes of Midgard for co-op MP.

Invite Friends in the Tribes of Midgard

Before we begin, do note that a player must have reached day-3 in the game to be able to invite others. In order to make a party, do the following:

  1. Open up the Main Menu.
  2. Click on the Invite button at the bottom-right corner.
  3. Invite others by press Ctrl on KB and Triangle on Playstation.
  4. Wait for everyone to join up and begin playing.

People who want their parties to be ‘Friends-only’ should check the ‘Max Players Amount to My Group Only’ option. Players can also leave the option unchecked to let randoms join the party.

I should also mention that the game has scaling and enemies get tougher to deal with in a party as opposed to when playing solo. However, it becomes exponentially easier to collect resources, craft, etc. when playing in a group.

As for the solo session, it can easily be started from the Main Menu.

Lastly, do note that the Tribes of Midgard does not support cross-play and/or cross-save at the time of writing this. The developer, Norsfell, has promised both the options in a future update. Be sure to check back for more info. on it.

This is all we have got in how to invite friends in the Tribes of Midgard for multiplayer co-op. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Tribes of Midgard wiki page.

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