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How to Get Cut Stone in Tribes of Midgard


Cut Stone in the Tribes of Midgard is a processed resource that players can acquire in order to craft a few useful things i.e., Gullveig’s Skeggöx, Fornjót’s Axe, etc. But how does one get it in the game? In this Tribes of Midgard guide, we have detailed all there is to know about how to collect Cut Stone in the game.

Tribes of Midgard Cut Stone

In order to get Cut Stone in the game, players will need to find a merchant named Eyrun the Tinker. Once the said merchant has been found, players will need to upgrade her to Rank-3. To be able to reach Rank-3, players will need to spend quite a lot of Souls – 750 to be precise.

After the Tinker has been found and upgraded, the next things that players will need to gather are Stone and Flint. These resources can be obtained from the Stone Deposit and Flint Deposit respectively. Below, we have provided the recipe that is needed to get 1x block of Cut Stone:

Rank-3 Eyrun + 8x Stone + 6x Flint

As for finding Eyrun the Tinker, players need to head over to the village and look for a small ‘Sword’ icon on the map. According to her in-game description, she has got a knack for making tools, refining ingredients, and construct things at blinding speed.

While exploring the world, try to gather as much stuff as possible and bring all of it to the Tinker at the village to see what she can come up with. Structures like Farm, Yard, etc. can be incredibly helpful for the village.

That is all we have got in how to collect Cut Stone in the Tribes of Midgard. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Tribes of Midgard wiki page.

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