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How To Climb Cliffs In Tribes Of Midgard


Tribes Of Midgard features a procedurally generated world for the players to explore. However, sometimes players will come across a cliff while exploring and players won’t be simply able to climb them. This Tribes of Midgard guide will help players with how to climb cliffs.

How To Climb Cliffs

Sometimes there are resources at the top of the hill and if players get to the top, some of them will find it hard to come back down. Now only that, sometimes players have to go to the top as there is no way around the cliff either.

To get to the top of the cliff in Tribes of Midgard, players have to build ramps. Here is how to build ramps in Tribes of Midgard. Go talk to Eyrun the Tinker in the village. If players have the resources, she can craft players ramps. For Eyrun to craft better ramps, players have to level her up using souls. The higher the level of the ramp the more durable it will be.

Level 1 ramp only requires 10 Wood. Level 2 ramp requires 12 wood and 4 iron and for the Level 3 ramp, players need 14 wood and 6 iron. Use these ramps to climb up the cliffs.

That is all for our Tribes Of Midgard guide on how to climb cliffs and how to craft ramps. For more on the game, also see How to Get Souls and How to Invite Friends.

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