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Tribes of Midgard Classes Explained – Which One Should You Choose?


There are a total of 8 classes to choose from in the Tribes of Midgard. These classes have their unique skills and offer a range of different playstyles. In this guide, we have provided a detailed overview of all 8 classes in the Tribes of Midgard and the best ones to choose.

Tribes of Midgard Classes

Below, we have provided a complete overview of different classes available in the game:


Special Ability: Wrath Unleashed – Launch a powerful AoE attack after completely filling the Wrath meter.

This class is all about raw damage potential and playing around its Wrath meter. Thanks to Wrath Unleashed, they can step into the middle of a battle and become unstoppable. Not only do they deal a lot of damage but are also capable of stunning enemies while resisting the effects of slow/stun themselves.


Special Ability: Last Stand – HP drops to +1 HP instead of being knocked out completely.

Guardian, as the name suggests, is the tank class in the Tribes of Midgard. It can block the incoming enemy attacks, sustain a lot of Mana from them, and enable other classes to do a lot of damage. They are able to do this effectively due to their large HP pool and Last Stand.


Special Ability: Recall Totem – Place a Totem to be revived at after being downed.

Hunter class in the game is all about setting up decoys, traps, and tricking enemies into a false sense of security. It can also place a Recall Totem that lets it respawn at it upon death which is incredibly useful when it comes to exploration.


Special Ability: Yggdrasil’s Roots – Seer puts down a trap on the ground that capture enemies that walk over it.

If the Guardian is all about tanking incoming damage then Seer is all about mitigating that damage with a constant supply of heals. The thing that makes the Seer a must-pick for every party is its ability to revive while being attacked and its healing capabilities. It can also provide a small amount of CC, thanks to Yggdrasil’s Roots.


Special Ability: Shield Ring – Throw the shield to deal damage to all the enemies that it hits.

Another tank who is also capable of passively regenerating HP and dealing damage. It can also stun-lock enemies for the other teammates to clean up.


Special Ability: Piercing Arrows – Ranger shoots arrows that pierce through enemies.

Once again, as the name suggests, Ranger is all about staying behind and providing a lot of damage. The class is able to get in and out of combat rather quickly. They can pierce targets, constantly recover arrows, and have built-in movement speed for better positioning.


Special Ability: Stairway to Asgard – This unlocks Aesir Constructions.

Warden is purely a utility-based class in the game. It has got a lot of crafting potential, trading Souls, and the ability to travel to the village instantly. This is something that we definitely recommend someone in the party to run.


Special Ability: Untamed Ashes – It provides the players with the ability to self-revive.

One of the first classes that players will unlock in the Tribes of Midgard. Warrior excels in both attacks and spells. It can also deal double damage after every 2 hits which makes it incredibly powerful. On top of that, they have also got built-in Mana regeneration that lets them spam those spells more often.

That is all we have got in our Tribes of Midgard Classes guide. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Tribes of Midgard wiki page.

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