Trials of Mana Tier 4 Classes Guide – Class Items Locations, Abilities, Strikes

Trials of Mana Tier 4 Classes Guide

In this Trials of Mana Tier 4 Classes unlock guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about unlocking them, finding the class change items, and an overview of abilities/strikes. Here is how you can unlock Tier 4 Classes in Trials of Mana 2020 remake.

Trials of Mana (2020) Tier 4 Classes Unlock

To unlock the Tier 4 Classes for different characters, you must already have unlocked the Tier 3 ones. After doing that, you need to travel to the Valsena Royal Library and complete the additional story episode for the character you wish to unlock the Tier 4 Class on.

In these additional episodes, you will go against bosses who will drop the Tier 4 class change items. It is important to note that the boss is unique for every character. The following is a list of all the unique bosses and the items they drop.

  1. Angela: Angela is the boss who drops Safe Sphere
  2. Charlotte: Revenant is the boss who drops Hope Sphere
  3. Duran: Gold Knight Loki is the boss who drops Valor Sphere
  4. Hawkeye: Mimic Queen is the boss who drops Loyal Sphere item
  5. Kevin: Beastman King is the boss who drops Instinct Sphere class item
  6. Riesz: You will need to defeat Empress Bee to obtain the Kind Sphere item

With that out of the way, let us take a look at abilities and strikes for different characters.


Class Abilities Strikes
Mystic Queen – Light Elemental Master: Ignores elemental resistances. Blessed Pledge: Combine opposite elements for high damage.
Spellbinder – Dark Greed: Taking damage restores 3% MP. Ton Annihilation: A large block of ice falls on the enemies to deal damage.


Class Abilities Strikes
High Priestess – Light Salvation: Fainting restores 100% HP for all fainted allies. Kablooey: A massive flail drops on the enemies and deals damage.
Chaosbringer – Dark Small-fry: Reduces enemies’ magic attack and magic defense. Whamblast: A massive AoE attack.


Class Abilities Strikes
Divine Hero – Light Super Healing: You can heal beyond normal capacity and increases the recovery rate. Radiant Rend: Land rapid hits to deal high damage.
Berserker – Dark Frenzy: Landing normal attacks increases ATK and DEF by up to 30%. Hellion Fury: A spirit engulfs enemies with its aura and deals massive damage.


Class Abilities Strikes
Wardenkeep – Light About Face: Stats-decreasing effects increase them instead. Petal Crossfire: A hidden weapon continues to deal damage to all enemies nearby.
Vigilante – Dark Dark Zone: Decreases enemies’ ATK at the start of a battle. Shackle Sting: Bind enemies in one place and deal damage.


Class Abilities Strikes
Beast King – Light Gem: Decreases enemies’ damage by 20% and cannot be knocked while using a charged attack. Qilin Assault: A rock landing on enemies from above deals massive damage.
Annihilator – Dark Evil Spirit: Landing normal attacks can increase ATK by up to 30%. Dragon Torrent: A torrent of high-energy damages enemies.


Class Abilities Strikes
Meteorite – Light Light of Relief: Using class strike recovers 10% HP of all allies. Elysium Slash: A meteor falling from the sky deals massive damage.
Brynhildr – Dark Surprise Aid: Using class strike adds 35% CS gauge to a random ally. Raptor Lance: Thunder strikes deal massive damage to all nearby enemies.

This is how you can unlock Tier 4 Classes in Trials of Mana. For more help on the game, you can check our Trials of Mana wiki guides.

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