In Trek to Yomi, some valuables are collected to upgrade the player’s stamina which helps in different battles. Finding these locations is tricky because they are either on the edge of the level or hidden somewhere in the area, so you have to dig sometimes to get the upgrade for stamina.

These Trek to Yomi upgrades are spread out everywhere in all game chapters.

How to Find All Stamina Upgrades

There is a total of seven chapters in the game Trek to Yomi. In every chapter, you can find the stamina upgrades. Here is the detail on how you can locate them in each chapter without wasting much time by roaming around in the rea for them.

Chapter No 01 Stamina Upgrade Locations

A total of two upgrades are in Chapter 1 of Trek to Yomi

Location #1: This first stamina location is inside a building at the end of the level. When you reach the building, go towards the left rather than up the stairs.

Location #2: Move towards the field beyond the village. Turn right instead of left at the intersection point, where the stamina upgrade is lying on a rock.

Chapter No. 02 Stamina Upgrade Locations

A total of four locations are available in chapter No 2 of Trek to Yomi.

Location #01: When you start the level, turn left, where the collectible is on a box.

Location #02: Move towards the shrine. After leaving the mines, you will find the next upgrade on a woodpile.

Location #03: Leave the outskirts and move towards a site where you see a couple of buildings where stamina upgrade is in at the back of the first house.

Location #04: Proceed forwards into the level towards a bridge. Head left from small boats and reached the last house in the village to collect the stamina upgrade.

Chapter No. 03 Stamina Upgrade Locations

A total of four stamina upgrades are dispersed in this level.

Location #01: After moving across some rivals on horses, head towards the right rather than going back to the village.

Location #02: After collecting the first upgrade, move towards the village, and your next collectible is inside a building. On the last floor, find some shelves in a room where your next item is placed.

Location #03: Move further into the level, and you will find an enemy where planks will be hanging above their heads. After defeating them move upwards to get the stamina upgrade.

Location #04: when the level is bout to end, you will see some stalls on fire. The stamina upgrade is on the floor.

Chapter No. 04 Stamina Upgrade Locations

In chapter four, five stamina upgrades are available at this level in Trek to Yomi.

Location #01: You need to go beyond the Torri gate and defeat Gazebo for this stamina upgrade. Head towards the cliffside where the upgrade is beside a fallen tree near a corpse.

Location #02: Move towards the shed and head up using the ladder. The next stamina upgrade will be beside the shelf on the upper balcony.

Location #03: Head out from the shed and climb a small cliff where you have to choose between two paths. Take a left and ignore the path towards the right. This path will lead you to a tree that you have to bring down to get the upgrade on the cliff.

Location #04: Frome the above point on Location three, proceed in the level towards Marshlands and head towards the lower deck to get the stamina upgrade.

Location #05: Go back where you will see several cages in a building’s group. Take a left on the back of this path towards narrow spacing where the stamina upgrade will be beside a cage with a prisoner.

Chapter No. 05 Stamina Upgrade Locations

Four stamina upgrades are available in this chapter of Trek to Yomi

Location #01: At the start of this chapter, you will see a massive tower from a cliff. Search for a barrel on which the next stamina upgrade is placed.

Location #02: Move towards the courtyard where you will solve a puzzle. Turn right off the courtyard, where you will find the stamina upgrade behind the statue.

Location #03: Proceed further into the chapter, and you will encounter a place where several boss battles will take place at a time. Go to a screen door leading you towards a staircase. Go up and then left across a platform in the air where you will find your stamina upgrade.

Location #04: Move towards an area with multiple small cliffs. Go left rather than right when you go down the way and move underneath the stone to find a stamina upgrade.

Chapter No. 06 Stamina Upgrade Locations

Two locations are available in this chapter of Trek to Yomi.

Location #01: This first stamina upgrade is on the edge of the screen under the ground when you leave an area of huge stones and ruins and go up the hill.

Location #02: After passing the burning village interlinked with wooden planks and islands, you will find your second stamina upgrade location near a deceased body.

Chapter No. 07 Stamina Upgrade Locations

In this chapter of Trek to Yomi, you will find only one stamina upgrade

Location #01: At the end of the level, the last stamina upgrade will be in the alley, where you will see an enlightened path. instead of going up this path, turn right to get the upgrade.

This was all the detail you need to know about The stamina upgrade locations in Trek to Yomi. If you need more help, see Endings, Kagerou Boss Fight.

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