Trek to Yomi offers plenty of upgrades in the game. One such upgrade is the Health upgrade, and you can have the location of these upgrades in this guide. Health upgrades will help you fight battles against enemies, and you don’t have to find save points dispersed all over the level.

Trek to Yomi Health Upgrade locations

The health Upgrades are scattered in every chapter of the game, so finding these locations can be tricky. But in this guide. Trek to Yomi Health Upgrade Locations, you will have information on how to find these upgrades among seven chapters.

Chapter No. 01

Only one location is available in this chapter, one of Trek to Yomi.

Location #01: Leave the village and head towards a hill for this health upgrade. When you go down the hill, a lady will be weeping beside a shrine. Take a left to gain the first health upgrade.

Chapter No. 02

In this chapter o Trek to Yomi, only one location is available for health upgrades.

Location #01: Almost at the tail of the level, you will come across a bridge along with some enemies. Don’t cross the bridge and move left towards a closed gate. Knock it down and reach the harbor to get the health upgrade.

Chapter No. 03

In this chapter of Trek to Yomi, you will find only two upgrades for your health pool.

Location #01: You will go inside a building at the start of the level. There you can see a small fire. Move towards the right and climb up the ladder to go back from where you came alongside ramparts. The health upgrade is sitting on a barrel.

Locations #02: Find this upgrade on the lower end of a fence where a man will be sitting on the other side of the fence.

Chapter No. 04

Only two health upgrades are available in this chapter.

Location #01: This health upgrade is in an area where you can see a massive fire on the coastal side.

Location #02: This Next Health upgrade is at the edge of the dock, which you can reach by going into a small house and using a ladder.

Chapter No. 05

In this chapter, you will have two health Upgrades.

Location #01: Reaching far into the level, move towards the first shrine on a sandy surface whose pillars have cracks in them. Go up to find the health upgrade.

Location #02: Once you reach a group of buildings, head towards a shrine, and before you go upwards using stairs, walk from the gap under the upper terrace to get your next health upgrade.

Chapter No. 06

You will find only one upgrade location in Chapter 6 of Trek To Yomi

Location #01: After Moving past several islands, there will be a small one where you can see a shrine, and beside the shrine, there is a tree. Sit on the stairs of the shrine to upgrade your health.

Chapter No. 07

Location #01: In the later part of the level, you will enter a house whose floor will collapse by standing on it. Move towards a room on the right side and find boxes which you can move. Displace those boxes to free people behind them and get a Health upgrade.

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