Transport Fever 2 Modular Stations Guide will help you step-by-step on how you can use the modular stations and create unique stations as you want them to be.


Transport Fever 2 Modular Stations

In this guide, we will take you step-by-step on the new techniques for modular stations in Transport Fever 2. Click on a station and then select “Configure”.

Now we can create our own modular stations. You can add tracks to the station even though it already has one or more than one. Aside from the tracks, you can add platforms too.

Just click on the station and select “configure” and select the platform that you want to add like a passenger platform or cargo platform.

Obviously, if you are building the station for passenger trains, then add a passenger platform. Otherwise, just add the cargo platform in case you are trying to build a cargo station.

However, it not compulsory to use just one platform. You can add both cargo and passenger platforms to a single station in Transport Fever 2.

If you want to decorate the station with buildings then you can also add passenger and cargo buildings to the modular station in Transport Fever 2.

Go to “configure”, select the passenger building you want to add, select the position of the building and it’s there. There are a few options to choose passenger buildings that vary in size. The same goos for cargo building in the game.

Of course, it is good that passenger buildings are near the passenger platform and cargo buildings near the cargo platform.

Now that you are done with adding platforms and buildings, you can also add entrances to the station. You can add side entrance, passenger underpass to get passengers to move platform to platform. You can also add the platform roof.

And that is how you use modular stations in Transport Fever 2. For more on Transport Fever 2 also see our Megalomaniac Mode Guide.