Transport Fever 2 Megalomaniac Mode Guide will help you with how to enable experimental map sizes in the game so you can play on bigger maps.


How To Enable Megalomaniac Mode

Transport Fever 2 let players play around on a fairly big map. However, if you aren’t content with the map size you get with the default game, then you can expand the map size.

But, this feature or Megalomaniac Mode isn’t officially supported by the game and can cause issues. Also, you need to tinker with the game files to get the Transport Fever 2 Megalomaniac Mode running and play on experimental map sizes.

Go to Local Disc (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > userdata > (Your Steam ID) > 1066780 > Local. If Steam isn’t installed in drive C then just to the Steam’s install folder and go to userdata > (Your Steam ID) > 1066780 > Local.

Open “Settings” in notepad and press “Ctrl + F”. Type “Experimental” and replace False with True. Save the changes and start Transport Fever 2. Now you should be seeing the Megalomaniac setting as well as the 1:5 setting.

This is how to enable experimental maps in Transport Fever 2. If you facing error and issues with the game then also see our errors and fixes guide for Transport Fever 2.