Transport Fever 2 has a couple of new features and emissions is one of them. Emissions was not part of the previous game but if you are interested in getting through the new one then you are going to have to keep this factor in mind as well. In this guide, we are going to go over what you need to know about emissions in Transport Fever 2.


Transport Fever 2 Emissions

In the bottom half of the town information, you can see stats for quality. This includes emissions quality as well. The more emissions you have the more you are polluting an area. The more you are polluting an area, the fewer people want to live there. So this can be considered a debuff.

Note that emissions will not cause people to leave but the potential growth of the town will be hindered. More people will want to live in your town if you can get your emissions under control. Every vehicle is going to tell you about its emissions. Vehicles like trams, buses and trucks will have the least amount of emissions.

Transport Fever 2 Emissions

The model of a vehicle will also affect emissions. Older buses, for example, will have higher emissions while newer models will have lower emissions. Planes will have the highest emissions and things vary for trains.

The emissions overlay is going to tell you where the emissions are coming from and which parts of the city it is affecting. The overlay can be found on the left side of the screen. The gradient goes from white to red. White being no emissions and red being very high emissions.

How To Control Emissions

You can remove lines from the city. If you find that a tram line or a bus route is not profitable then you can remove it and opt for a new one. If a route is profitable then you should check the vehicles that you are using. If you have an older vehicle then you can keep the route but replace the vehicle in favor of a new one. This will reduce the cost of maintenance and will also reduce the emissions level.

Locate the biggest sources of pollution. If the cause of the emissions is an airplane then there is little that you can do in terms of replacing your aircraft is it is fairly new but something that you can do is change the route or the positioning of the airport.

Another thing that you can do is configure the maintenance of the airplane to high. Keep in mind that airplanes are expensive and maintaining them is going to be expensive as well. If you have a fuel line running through the city then you can increase the maintenance of that as well. This will reduce the emissions of the city. Electric units are going to help as well.

If you want to get ahead of the problem then you have your air[port further away from the city. It is fine to have trams running through the city but you should have the train station away from the city.

To sum things up, emissions are going to be a major factor when you are playing Transport Fever 2. These affect how quickly your towns grow or shrink. Airplanes and ships have the highest emissions.

That is all for our Transport Fever 2 Emissions guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on Modular Stations and Megalomaniac Mode.