How to Transfer Destiny 2 From Battle.Net to Steam

Destiny 2 on Ryzen 3000 | How to Transfer Destiny 2 From Battle.Net to Steam

Bungie’s Destiny 2 finding a new home on Valve’s Steam is something the developer has continuously talked about since its separation with Activision Blizzard. Starting Aug. 20th, Guardians across the solar system will be able to migrate to Steam. It’s obviously a daunting process, especially for Guardians who have poured in hundreds and thousands of hours trying to farm their favorite Legendaries, Exotics, and cosmetic items. Bungie, however, has promised a smooth and hassle-free migration process. Let’s look at everything you need to know about transferring your Destiny 2 copy from Battle.Net to Steam.

Transfer Destiny 2 from Battle.Net to Steam

Before we begin, let’s talk about things you’ll be able to transfer alongside your characters:

  • Weapons, Armor, Exotics
  • Triumphs, Titles, Seals
  • Purchased Silver and Bright Dust
  • Cosmetic items including Ghost Shells, Sparrows, Emblems, Shaders

Another major change that you need to know about is that once Destiny 2: Shadowkeep launches, you won’t be able to dismantle your cosmetics to get Bright Dust. This is something Bungie is removing so if you’ve certain cosmetics that you won’t ever use, try dismantling it before Oct. 1st when Shadowkeep launches.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will also launch alongside a free-to-play version of the game called Destiny 2: New Light which will come with Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, Leviathan Raids & its Lairs, and CoO and Warmind campaigns. Other than that, you’ll need to purchase separate expansions if you wish to experience Forsaken and Shadowkeep content. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the actual migration process.

Bungie has set up an official blogpost on its official website that details basically all you need to know about transferring to Steam. One important thing that you need to know is that Destiny 2 won’t be available on Battle.Net after Oct. 1st so that you need to make sure that you complete the migration process before that or you won’t be able to complete it later.

We’ll make sure to update this page on Aug. 20th when we get more info. alongside some FAQs to help you out.