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How To Make Seafood Soup In Tower of Fantasy


If you’re a Tower of Fantasy fan, then you know it’s not always easy to collect all the specific food items for a special recipe when you need certain power-ups in the game. Fortunately, Seafood Soup, known to give players a frost-type attack boost, is a food item that is super easy to assemble and collect the ingredients for. This guide will walk you through the exact way to attain all the ingredients for Seafood Soup in Tower of Fantasy, and how to make it.

Seafood Soup Ingredients

Why is Seafood Soup from Tower of Fantasy so special? Well, it is known to give players not only a frosty weapon but also increases the frost damage by 1% and 45 points. Seafood Soup may sound complicated, but believe it or not, it only has three ingredients:

  1. 2x Scallops
  2. 3x Conch
  3. 1x Lettuce

Now that you know the ingredients let’s head on to the steps to attain the Seafood Soup recipe ingredients from Tower of Fantasy.

Seafood Soup Ingredients Locations

Now comes the part where you’ll be able to know where exactly you can get all the Seafood Soup ingredients.

  • To get Scallops, head to Banges and the marked shores. There you’ll see them sticking out of the sand. Just go over and pick whatever you can spot easily.
  • To get Conches, again head over to Banges and go to the marked area in the region. You’ll easily be able to spot the Conches lying by the sea while the sea waves are washing them.
  • To get Lettuce, the easiest to acquire, head over to Astra, and you’ll see them in the grassy areas.

How To Make Seafood Soup

Technically you know the recipe for Seafood Soup, as we mentioned; however, in Tower of Fantasy, you’ll need to get the recipe from a cooking bot, and then you’ll be able to create the Seafood Soup. To get the recipe for Seafood Soup:

  1. Go over to the cooking bot.
  2. Interact with the cooking bot.
  3. Select Creation from the menu.
  4. Put all the collected Seafood Soup ingredients until an 80 to 100% success rate.
  5. Click on Create, and then the bot will hand you the recipe for Seafood Soup.

Tower of Fantasy has a great many features, like making food items like the Seafood Soup that make it all the more fun and exciting to play. For more on the game, see How To Beat Beta Mouse Ben and Unlock Omnium Shield.

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