One of the key resources in Tower of Fantasy is called Dark Crystal. It is one of the premium currencies in the game that you acquire by completing specific tasks. So naturally, farming as much of this currency is important to your progression. This guide will discuss everything you need to know about farm Dark Crystal in Tower of Fantasy.

Dark Crystal is rewarded through missions, specific tasks, and quests but also through completing some achievements. You can grab 5-20 Dark Crystal in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Farm Dark Crystal in Tower of Fantasy

The most basic way to farm Dark Crystals is by exploring the open world. The open world has plenty of side quests, chests you can open, puzzles you can solve, and make plenty of Dark Crystals.

Complete Notebook Missions

The Notebook has come missions you can complete to get Dark Crystal. Not all Notebook missions give out Dark Crystals, but those that do let you know in advance. Click on the pen icon at the top-right of the screen to see what Notebook missions you can access and what mission payout Dark Crystal.

Complete Quests

Side quests and story missions are a great way to farm Dark Crystal. A large number of side quests pay-out Dark Crystals as a reward. Open your Missions and Story tabs to track all available quests.

Battle Pass

If you have the battle pass, start leveling it up to get your hands on some Dark Crystals. At certain levels of the battle pass, you get Dark Crystal. If you want to spend some real-life money, you can unlock the Advancement Reward to additional crystals.

You can use Dark Crystals to get Gacha Currencies, Gold, upgrade materials, and more; everything that is crucial to your progression in Tower of Fantasy. Need more help? See How to Reroll, Tips and Tricks.

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