Crews are essentially clans/guilds in Tower of Fantasy. This allows you to play with your friends and earn various rewards along the way. In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we have detailed all there is to learn about creating Crews, joining them, and some other tips.

Tower of Fantasy Crews

It is important to understand that in order to use the Crew System, you need to reach Level 16. It should not be hard to do so as it can be done by doing almost any content in the game.

Once you are eligible, you simply need to open the Main Menu, go to the Crew menu, search for a Crew that you are interested in, and select the Request option in the bottom-right corner. Once joined, you will be able to gain access to a lot of things:

  1. Depending on your Honor Level, you will get an Honorary Reward at 05:00 AM every Monday.
  2. Gain access to the Crew Store from where you will be able to buy items for Crew Merit Points.
  3. You will also get +10% Damage Buff in the Frontier Clash – it caps at +30%.

You are also able to create a Crew of your own. This can be done from the Crew Menu for a total of 500 Dark Crystals. However, after it has been created, it must maintain somewhere over 2,000 Merit Points. Failing to do so for 14 days will result in Crew being disbanded. Personally, I believe it is incredibly tough to fall below 2,000 as you have got things such as Crew Quests, Challenges, etc.

This is all we have got in our Tower of Fantasy Crews guide. Be sure to see our detailed Tower of Fantasy guides hub for more help on the game.

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