Special food items that provide numerous boosts and advantages are abundant in the Tower of Fantasy. Caviar Potato Balls are an incredible dish for physical attack damage. It could be difficult to obtain its recipe and components, but the effort is definitely worth it. Here are the ingredients for caviar potato balls and where to find them in Tower of Fantasy.


One of the finest foods for physical attack damage is caviar potato balls. Its consumption for 900 seconds raises your physical attack by 1% and 80 points. Caviar Potato Balls are a fantastic food item to utilize in a pitch because you also receive 10 satiety points. You only need two basic ingredients and the instructions to make Caviar Potato Balls. The items you’ll need to make caviar potato balls are listed below:

  • Two Potatoes
  • One Caviar

How to Obtain Caviar Potato Balls Recipe

You must first get the recipe for the caviar potato balls if you don’t already have them. Visit any cooking pot and interact with it. Choose Creation from the list of options below and add all the components for the caviar potato balls to the pot until you achieve a success rate of between 80 and 100 percent. The Caviar Potato Balls recipe will then appear after you click Create.

One of the components that is simpler to obtain in the middle of the game is caviar potato balls. First off, murdering ravages is the only way to obtain caviar. Instead of seeking ravagers in the world, try to kill them at their base. And lastly, the grassy parts of the Banges region are where you can easily find potatoes. You will need to keep a sharp eye because they are typically difficult to see.

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