In order to succeed in Total War Saga Troy, you will need resources. The main resources that you need to manage in Total War Saga Troy are food, wood, stone, bronze and gold. In this Total War Saga Troy resources guide, we are going to go over how you can get food, wood, stone, bronze and gold.


Food is the most basic of resources that you need in the game. It will allow you to grow your population and recruiting troops for your army. Wood is used for buildings. A good supply of wood is going to help you in the early section of the game when you need to build structures and buildings.

Stone allows you to build advanced and special buildings that will provide you with better features and advantages. Bronze is going to come in handy for the upkeep of your elite troops. You will need this resource to win battles and dominate the map.

Gold is a rare resource in Total War Saga Troy. It can be used for bartering and can also be used to upgrade specific units and buildings. Note that gold is a finite resource and it will run out so you will need to think twice before using it. You can see how much gold is available in a settlement in the province overview section a shown below:


How To Get Food, Wood, Stone, Bronze, Gold Resources In Total War Saga Troy

There are three main ways in which you can get resources in the game. The different ways are as follows:

Occupying Settlements

Each of the settlement specializes in a resource. You can check which resource a settlement specializes in by looking at the following icon.

Total War Saga Troy Resources

You will also find the specialized resources buildings in these settlements. These will allow you to increase your productivity towards each of the resources which you will need to do in order to progress the game successfully and grow your population.

Total War Saga Troy Resources


Trading is another way in which you can gain resources. When playing Total War Saga Troy you will learn that you do not have all the resources at your disposal. It is not going to be ideal to attack another settlement in order to get a specific resource or travel half way across the map in order to get stone or gold. This is where trading comes in.

Total War Saga Troy Resources

Trade the resource that you have in access in order to get the resource that you need.

Winning Battles

Winning battles will give you injection of resources. The kind of resources that you get and the quantity depends on who you are fighting.

Winning Battles

Note that this is not the best or the most reliable way of gaining resources in Total War Saga Troy. You should only think of this as an added bonus to fighting against someone else.

This is how you can get different resources in the game. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Total War Saga: Troy Achilles guide. For more content, you can check out our Total War Saga Troy guides hub.