There are multiple playable factions in Total War Saga: Troy and each faction have its influence stats. Your faction will have plenty of influence over its own people but when you invade another region your influence may not be enough to sway its citizens. This could lead to citizens not agreeing and supporting your cause. The only way to counter this problem is to make sure you gain more influence in Total War Saga: Troy. Since you’re not from their region they won’t trust your faction, get more influence to earn their trust, and make them shift to your side.


Any faction that has less influence in a province would see less cooperation from its citizens. When the citizens are not on your side it’ll become harder to protect the province. The worst part of the low influence in a province is that its citizens won’t produce resources for you at optimal capacity.

How to Get More Influence in Total War Saga: Troy

You can check your influence stats by clicking on the province and details of the location. You can find it at the lower left of your menu, you need to have a unit within range to check the details. There are multiple factors that determine a province’s influence and you need to improve upon these factors to get more influence.

  • Local Populace
  • Events
  • Characters
  • Buildings and Commandments
  • Tribal Culture
  • Royal Decrees

You can boost your influence in Total War Saga: Troy but to do this you may have to leave some of your influential characters behind in regions with low influence to allow them to create a cultural building, create a royal decree that will help you get more influence. Once your faction is able to get to 60% culture the said province will get a significant influence bonus.


Once your faction reaches 60% your buildings are going to produce more resources. You can check this information via the information tab of those buildings. The bonus gives you additional resources that you get at the same cost of labor. I hope this guide helps you get more influence in Total War Saga: Troy.