In Total War: Pharaoh, where divine rulers shape the destinies of empires and Ancient Legacies, Tausret stands as a beacon of prosperity and abundance. Known for her astute economic strategies, Tausret’s reign is a golden era for those who master the intricacies of resource management and strategic construction. This guide is your roadmap to Tausret’s economic prowess, offering insights into her unique command abilities and the buildings that form the pillars of her wealth in Total War Pharaoh.


Tausret Commands In Total War Pharaoh

Tausret’s command style is a masterclass in economic efficiency, turning resources into powerful tools for empire-building. Her approach suits those who thrive on strategy, resource optimization, and the subtle art of balancing an empire’s happiness with its wealth.

  • Regular Command: Tausret has the extraordinary ability to tap directly into the economic heart of her provinces. Wherever she resides, she immediately gains all resources produced per turn, ensuring her coffers are always brimming. It’s a powerful tool for rapid development and recovery, especially in times of war or expansion.
  • Shemsu Hor Command: During the celestial Shemsu Hor event, Tausret’s economic mastery ascends to divine levels. She gains charges for her coveted instant-construction ability, allowing her to erect structures in the blink of an eye. This power is invaluable, significantly accelerating your empire’s growth and fortification.

Tausret Strategic Buildings In Total War Pharaoh

Tausret’s architectural portfolio is a testament to her economic genius, each building a strategic asset contributing to her empire’s wealth. However, these boons come at a cost, demanding careful management of your populace’s happiness.

  • Provisioning Headquarters: This hub is essential for sustaining large populations and armies. It boosts Food Production and provides a general Resource Production Bonus, crucial for thriving empires. However, these benefits come with reduced Happiness, a delicate trade-off requiring careful governance.
  • Tausret’s Armory: A bastion of military preparedness, the Armory enhances your troops’ Armor upon Recruitment and offers a Bronze Production Bonus. But, as with all things under Tausret, this boon demands a sacrifice—in this case, a dip in Happiness.
  • Tausret’s Goldsmiths: The epicenter of luxury and wealth, the Goldsmiths provide a substantial Gold Production Bonus. Yet, the pursuit of wealth is not without its perils, as this opulence results in reduced Happiness among your subjects.
  • Storage Center: A practical and versatile facility, the Storage Center boosts production across the board, from Wood and Stone to general resources. However, this economic surge strains your populace, once again reducing Happiness.

Tausret’s leadership in Total War: Pharaoh is a boon for players who revel in economic strategy and resource management. Her abilities are tailored for those who prefer to build their empire’s strength through wealth and abundance, providing a solid foundation from which you can branch into any play style—military conquest, diplomatic dominance, or cultural supremacy.

However, Tausret’s path is one of balance. Her economic advantages, while significant, impose a consistent challenge in managing your citizens’ Happiness. Her empire is a golden cage, and only the most skilled rulers can keep the populace content while the coffers overflow.