Total War: Pharaoh introduces the challenging yet rewarding Suppiluliuma faction, representing one of the Hittite factions. Known for his defensive prowess and strategic acumen, Suppiluliuma offers players a unique gameplay experience. Here’s everything you need to know to master this faction:



  • Name: Suppiluliuma
  • Title: The Defender, Great King of Hatti
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Court Position: Great King
  • Capital: Hattusa
  • Local Deity: Arinna

Historical Context: Suppiluliuma historically was the last king of the Hittite Empire, witnessing its downfall during the Bronze Age Collapse. His reign is shrouded in mystery, but he’s known for his desperate attempts to keep the empire intact amidst external threats.

Suppiluliuma Faction Units

In “Total War: Pharaoh,” Suppiluliuma’s faction is uniquely positioned to offer a robust defense against adversaries, thanks to its specialized units. Here’s a breakdown of the faction units that players can leverage for a strategic advantage:

  1. Hittite Tribesmen: These basic units are cost-effective and equipped with two-handed spears, ideal for close combat. They’re particularly effective against chariots and can endure extended battles, thanks to their Storm Warrior trait, which makes them formidable in adverse weather conditions.
  2. Hattusan Swordsmen: Though not as robust as some units, their heavy armor compensates by providing substantial defense, especially in close-range combat. The Storm Warrior trait is a bonus, particularly in challenging weather.
  3. Hittite Slingers: Light and agile, these units are skirmishers who excel at ranged combat. Their stamina sustains longer battles, and their Storm Warrior trait ensures they’re effective even in harsh weather.
  4. Hattusan Archers: These units, while lightly armored, inflict more damage from a distance. Their resistance to flanking and the Storm Warrior trait make them valuable on the battlefield.
  5. Hittite Spearmen: Heavily armed with spears, these units are a bulwark against chariots. Their flanking resistance and Storm Warrior trait make them indispensable for holding positions.
  6. Hittite Axemen: Armored and shielded, these melee units are adept at breaking through defenses, especially shielded units. Their Storm Warrior trait adds to their offensive capabilities.
  7. Hittite Chariots: These heavy units are adept at disrupting enemy formations, though they lack defensive capabilities and aren’t suitable for capturing points in siege battles.
  8. Veteran Hattusan Swordsmen: An upgraded unit with enhanced armor and morale, effective for close combat and bolstered by the Storm Warrior trait.
  9. Armored Hattusan Archers: An advanced version of the Hattusan Archers, these units are more potent but lack flanking resistance. Their Storm Warrior status makes them reliable in adverse conditions.
  10. Veteran Hittite Spearmen: An enhanced version of the Hittite Spearmen, these units are formidable against chariots and resistant to flanking, with the added advantage of the Storm Warrior trait.
  11. Veteran Hattusan Axemen: Superior in close combat, these units can breach shields and resist flanking. Their Storm Warrior trait ensures they’re effective in all weather conditions.
  12. Reinforced Hittite Chariots: Upgraded chariots with improved armor and shields, effective against missile units and capable of breaking enemy lines, though they still can’t capture points.

All Suppiluliuma Faction Buildings

Suppiluliuma’s unique faction in Total War: Pharaoh is tailored for players who prioritize defense and citizen happiness within their cities. Here’s a detailed look at the buildings unique to Suppiluliuma’s faction:

  1. Army Supply Center:
    • Effects: Enhances armies within its province with +10 morale, reduces upkeep by 20%, and adds +8 to melee defense.
    • Cost: Requires 500 stone, 90 wood, and 3 workforce.
    • Strategic Benefit: Ideal for maintaining a strong, cost-effective defensive presence.
  2. Royal Garrison Palace:
    • Effects: Increases happiness by +3 and influence by +3 in the province it’s built. It extends cities’ siege holdout time by +4, and armies in the region get +15% ammunition and +10 morale.
    • Cost: Demands 50 gold, 750 stone, 100 wood, and 4 workforce.
    • Strategic Benefit: Crucial for bolstering city defenses and keeping citizen morale high during sieges.
  3. Safe Haven:
    • Effects: Boosts happiness by +2 and workforce growth by +6 in its province, and provides +45 food income to the entire region.
    • Cost: Costs 450 stone, 85 wood, and 3 workforce.
    • Strategic Benefit: Supports population growth and ensures food security, pivotal for thriving cities.
  4. Garrison Quarters:
    • Effects: Enhances happiness by +2 and influence by +1 in the province. Increases cities’ siege holdout time by +3 across the entire region.
    • Cost: Requires 600 stone, 85 wood, and 3 workforce.
    • Strategic Benefit: Strengthens city resilience against sieges while maintaining high spirits among citizens.

These buildings, while relatively affordable, are strategic assets in maintaining a strong, happy, and prosperous kingdom. They not only fortify city defenses but also ensure citizens are content, which is vital for stability and growth. Players must leverage these structures effectively to expand their territory and repel any threats that arise.

Strategic Tips

Playing as Suppiluliuma requires strategic finesse, with a focus on diplomatic maneuvers, resource management, and constant warfare. His faction is designed for players who relish a challenge, offering a gameplay experience that demands resilience and tactical intelligence.

  • Defensive Mastery: Utilize Suppiluliuma’s superior defensive units to hold territories. His units, especially those with the Storm Warrior trait, perform exceptionally in adverse weather conditions.
  • Diplomacy and Court Intrigue: Leverage your high regard from court intrigues to manipulate court members. Maintain your position as Great King by strategically managing relationships within the court.
  • Resource Management: Focus on building structures that enhance happiness and provide defensive bonuses. Manage your resources carefully, as Suppiluliuma’s situation demands a delicate balance between military spending and internal development.
  • Deity Worship: Worship at the Shrines of Arinna to gain various bonuses, including discounts on recruitment costs, increased happiness, and enhanced raiding income.
  • Legacy Choices: Choose between the legacies of Muwatalli the Benevolent, focusing on vassal management, and Tudhaliya the Overseer, emphasizing empowering your generals.

In “Total War: Pharaoh,” Suppiluliuma emerges as a faction leader with a distinct set of strengths, weaknesses, and strategic nuances. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what you need to know when playing as Suppiluliuma, from managing your buildings and units to leveraging your command and court.

Suppiluliuma Faction Strengths and Weaknesses

Playing as Suppiluliuma requires a balanced approach. While your buildings and units provide stability and defense, it’s vital to use your command and court advantages to compensate for any strategic limitations. Focus on building a resilient state while using your diplomatic leverage to navigate through the intricate political landscape of “Total War: Pharaoh.” Remember, the strength of Suppiluliuma lies in stability and defense, but flexibility in strategy can turn the tide in your favor.

Faction Buildings

  • Strengths:
    • Suppiluliuma’s buildings are a boon for boosting Happiness, crucial for maintaining public order and productivity.
    • His garrisons are robust, enhancing regional defense significantly.
  • Weaknesses:
    • The faction lacks unique high-level buildings, potentially limiting late-game strategic options.

Faction Units

  • Strengths:
    • Units excel in defense, with heavy armor making them formidable on the battlefield.
  • Weaknesses:
    • The trade-off for such sturdy defense is a slower battle speed, which can be a tactical disadvantage in certain scenarios.

Tips for Buildings and Units

  • Prioritize constructing buildings like Militia Gathering Posts and Refugee Centres. They’re key to bolstering defense and maintaining public order through increased Happiness and reduced army Upkeep.
  • Utilize Hattusan Axemen and Hittite Chariots effectively in battles. The former can breach enemy defenses, while the latter can disrupt enemy formations, especially vulnerable missile units.


  • Regular Command: Suppiluliuma can significantly enhance the Replenishment rate of all armies, crucial for maintaining a strong military presence. Remember, using the Encamp Stance in foreign territories can also aid in replenishment.
  • During Shemsu Hor: There’s a faction-wide boost in Workforce, beneficial for all provincial developments and military preparations.


  • Strengths:
    • Suppiluliuma begins the game in a powerful position as the Great King of Hatti, providing an early diplomatic advantage.
    • He gains more Regard from intrigues like Gossip, Encourage, and Discourage, useful for swaying opinions and forging alliances in court.
  • Tips:
    • Capitalize on your starting position to establish early dominance and secure alliances.
    • Keep an eye on court positions. When they’re filled by new characters, you gain enough Regard for a free Request, providing a strategic advantage in diplomatic interactions.

That’s everything you need to know about Suppiluliuma faction in Total War Pharaoh.