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Suppiluliuma stands as a beacon of stability and prosperity. His leadership style is a mix of nurturing his people’s happiness and ensuring their safety. This guide will navigate you through Suppiluliuma’s unique command abilities and buildings that fortify his reign, making him an ideal choice for newcomers in Total War Pharaoh.

Suppiluliuma Commands In Total War Pharaoh

Suppiluliuma’s command abilities focus on the well-being and security of his subjects. His powers are particularly beneficial for those who prefer a defensive approach in Total War Pharaoh.

  • Regular Command: Suppiluliuma’s inherent ability to increase the Replenishment Rate for all armies is a testament to his focus on sustaining his forces, ensuring that his people are always defended by a robust, revitalized military.
  • Shemsu Hor Command: During the sacred period of Shemsu Hor, Suppiluliuma’s nurturing nature shines, as he increases Workforce in all provinces, bolstering the economy and ensuring that his subjects are gainfully employed and thriving.

Suppiluliuma Buildings In Total War Pharaoh

Suppiluliuma’s architectural foster happiness among his people. These structures serve as both fortresses and homes, ensuring safety and contentment.

  • Army Supply Centre: This structure boosts the morale of armies in its vicinity by +10, reduces their upkeep by 20%, and enhances melee defense by +8. Its construction requires an investment of 500 stone, 90 wood, and the efforts of 3 workers.
  • Regal Garrison Palace: Erecting this building increases the happiness and influence of the province by +3 each. It also extends the siege endurance time of nearby cities by +4 and provides regional armies with +15% extra ammunition and a morale boost of +10. The construction demands are 50 gold, 750 stone, 100 wood, and the labor of 4 workers.
  • Sanctuary: This establishment enhances the local happiness by +2 and workforce growth by +6, while increasing the region’s food income by +45. The building expenses include 450 stone, 85 wood, and the deployment of 3 workers.
  • Garrison Quarters: This last distinct structure raises the province’s happiness by +2 and influence by +1, and prolongs the siege resistance time of cities in the region by +3. The construction costs involve 600 stone, 85 wood, and the service of 3 workers.

Who Should Play Suppliluliuma?

Suppiluliuma’s leadership style means prioritizing the happiness and security of his people. His command abilities and buildings are tailored for a ruler who prefers to build a strong, prosperous kingdom from within, rather than expanding through conquest.

However, this inward focus is not without its challenges. Players must balance economic growth with strong defenses, ensuring that the kingdom can withstand external threats while maintaining internal stability. With Suppiluliuma, your strength lies in your people’s loyalty and the unbreachable walls of your empire.