Total War: Pharaoh players are plunged into the ancient world, where every decision echoes through history. Among the legendary leaders, Seti is one of the most powerful, rivalring Ramesses. Characterized by his unique ability to muster vast armies and overwhelm adversaries with sheer numbers. This guide goes into Seti’s swarm tactics, exploring his command and the strategic buildings that form the backbone of his power in Total War Pharaoh.


Seti Commands In Total War Pharaoh

In Seti’s command style there’s strength in numbers. His approach is tailored for those who revel in the chaos of battle and find solace in the dust kicked up by thousands of marching feet.

  • Regular Command: Seti’s strategic genius shines in his ability to mobilize armies at breakneck speed. He doubles the Recruitment Speed, ensuring his forces are replenished faster than his enemies can strategize. However, this rapid mobilization comes at a cost, with units mustered under this command starting with lower HP. It’s a risky yet potentially rewarding tactic for those willing to gamble on the battlefield’s unpredictability.
  • Shemsu Hor Command: When the celestial event Shemsu Hor graces your reign, Seti’s command evolves to new heights. The spoils of war grow richer, with increased rewards harvested from the toils of battle. This phase is a golden opportunity to engage in combat, reaping greater benefits for each victory claimed.

Seti Buildings In Total War Pharaoh

Seti’s architectural arsenal is designed to sustain his swarm strategy, each building a cog in the machine that fuels his armies.

  • Mustering Office: The heart of Seti’s rapid recruitment strategy. This building not only adds a Recruitment Slot but also slashes the Recruitment Cost, making it easier to summon the hordes necessary to overwhelm your foes.
  • Recruitment Administration Center: A testament to Seti’s military ingenuity, this center is a multi-faceted asset. It further expands Recruitment Slots, cuts down Recruitment and Construction Costs, but not without a caveat. The expedited process imposes an HP penalty on your armies, a strategic gamble that could pay off handsomely or cost dearly.
  • Seti’s Royal Palace: A magnificent structure that radiates authority, the Royal Palace bolsters Seti’s Legitimacy, Morale, and Influence. However, its grandeur casts a shadow, incurring a Diplomatic Penalty. It’s a stark reminder that all power comes with a price.
  • Tax Administration Palace: This edifice is a double-edged sword. While it provides a much-needed Resource Production Bonus, it saps the life out of your populace, decreasing Happiness and stifling Workforce Growth. It’s a delicate balance, ensuring your war machine is well-oiled while preventing dissent from fermenting into rebellion.

Who Should Play Seti?

Seti’s reign in Total War: Pharaoh revolves around a playstyle that hinges on overwhelming force. His swarm tactics are perfect for players who prefer to drown their enemies in a sea of soldiers rather than engage in meticulous, chess-like maneuvers. However, this approach requires a keen eye on your empire’s pulse. Seti’s rapid mobilization and expansive armies can strain resources and sow discontent among the populace.

Moreover, Seti’s strategies extend beyond military might. His buildings, while offering substantial benefits, also impose penalties that can ripple through your society. Wise rulers will need to strike a balance, leveraging Seti’s strengths while mitigating the potential fallout of his aggressive tactics.