Kurunta is a formidable military force, a leader whose eyes are set on territorial expansion and military dominance in Total War Pharaoh. This guide will help you understand Kurunta’s aggressive command style and the strategic buildings that underpin his empire’s expansion.


Kurunta Command In Total War Pharoah

Kurunta’s command abilities are a clear reflection of his militaristic mindset, emphasizing conquest and the weakening of his enemies. His powers are particularly suited for those who prefer an aggressive, expansionist approach to their rule.

  • Regular Command: Kurunta thrives on destruction, significantly increasing income from razing settlements. However, his focus on devastation is so intense that he cannot colonize ruins until the next Shemsu Hor, marking a period of relentless conquest.
  • Shemsu Hor Command: During the sacred period of Shemsu Hor, Kurunta’s military might becomes even more intimidating, as his armies sap the enemy’s Morale, instilling fear and doubt in the hearts of those who dare to oppose him.

Kurunta Buildings In Total War Pharaoh

Kurunta’s choice of buildings compliments his military-first strategy. These buildings are not about the comfort or prosperity of his people; they are about undermining his enemies and bolstering his forces.

  • Military Sabotage Camp: This nefarious facility is dedicated to the art of war, reducing Movement on Land and Melee Attack of enemy armies, while also boosting raiding income, ensuring that every victory feeds the war machine.
  • Mercenary Hunting Village: This establishment is a dual-edged sword, increasing Food Income and reducing Upkeep, while providing XP per Turn and additional Garrison forces. However, it demands a sacrifice, reducing Influence as Kurunta focuses solely on military might.
  • Mercenary Center: A hub of military activity, this center adds Recruitment Slots, increases Legitimacy and Recruitment Rank, and swells the ranks with additional Garrison forces. Yet, it comes at a cost, diminishing Influence as it underscores Kurunta’s disregard for diplomatic standings.

Who Should Play Kurunta?

Kurunta’s leadership style is a path of relentless military expansion. His command abilities and buildings are crafted for a ruler who seeks to grow their empire through force, not through diplomacy or internal development.

This aggressive approach, while powerful, comes with its own set of challenges. Players must continuously fuel their war efforts, balancing the need for conquest with the management of resources and public order. With Kurunta, your strength is drawn from the fear you instill in your enemies and the territories you seize.