In Total War: Pharaoh, Irsu stands as a ruler unlike any other. Known for his cunning and unorthodox strategies, Irsu thrives on the fringes of civilization, harnessing the raw power of raiding and reaping the rewards of conquest. This comprehensive guide will navigate you through the desert sands of Irsu’s unique playstyle, focusing on his raid-centric commands and the buildings that sustain his empire in Total War Pharaoh.


Irsu Commands In Total War Pharaoh

Irsu’s command style is tailored for the bold and the opportunistic, perfect for players who relish in the thrill of raiding and the spoils it brings. His abilities reflect a life led outside the settled norms, echoing the strategies of nomadic factions.

  • Regular Command: Irsu possesses the unique ability to decrease the Civilization State, embracing the nomadic lifestyle and gaining similar bonuses to Nomadic Factions. However, this comes with a significant limitation: he cannot occupy settlements until the next Shemsu Hor, emphasizing a hit-and-run tactic.
  • Shemsu Hor Command: When the sacred Shemsu Hor period graces the lands, Irsu’s raiding prowess soars. He gains additional resources from raiding provinces and sacking settlements, turning destruction into wealth.

Irsu Buildings In Total War Pharaoh

Irsu’s buildings, much like the ruler himself, are a blend of ruthlessness and strategic resource management. Each serves a crucial role in sustaining his armies and enriching his coffers.

  • Forced Labor Compound: It significantly boosts Workforce Growth and Food Income and provides a general Resource Production Bonus. However, it exacts a heavy toll on the populace, reducing Happiness.
  • Irsu’s Gold Tally Quarters: A unique structure that stands as a monument to Irsu’s wealth and influence. It enhances Legitimacy, Happiness, and Influence and offers a general Resource Production Bonus. However, its power is such that it can only be constructed once per faction.
  • Irsu’s War Camp: The heart of Irsu’s raiding operations, this camp offers various Recruitment Bonuses, increases post-battle loot, and bolsters raiding income. It’s here that Irsu’s forces prepare to strike, ready to bring wealth and glory back to their leader.

Who Should Play Irsu?

Playing as Irsu is an exhilarating experience for those who thrive on unpredictability and rapid, aggressive expansion. His command abilities and buildings create a playstyle that revolves around raiding, with quick strikes and retreats, rather than long-term occupation.

However, Irsu’s way of life comes with its own set of challenges. His reliance on raiding requires constant aggression, and his economy depends heavily on the spoils of war. Players must strike a delicate balance between raiding for resources and managing the happiness and growth of their own provinces. With Irsu, you’re always on the move, and your next big score is just a raid away.