In Total War Pharaoh, Bay emerges as the master of shadows, the puppeteer whose strings extend into every court and every decision. His is a game of whispers and nods, of secrets traded in moonlit corridors. This guide goes into Bay’s political machinations, highlighting his command skills and the buildings that form the backbone of his economic and influential empire in Total War Pharaoh.


Bay Commands In Total War Pharaoh

Bay’s command is not of the battlefield but of the court. His power lies in his ability to manipulate, negotiate, and, if necessary, undermine. His commands are suited for those who prefer a game of strategy and wits over brute force.

  • Regular Command: Bay has the unique ability to unlock a new Royal Decree immediately, showcasing his influence and strategic foresight. This ability allows for rapid adaptation to the political landscape, giving Bay an edge in the ever-shifting sands of power.
  • Shemsu Hor Command: During Shemsu Hor, Bay’s influence is increased his extending its reach into all provinces. This surge solidifies his grip on power, ensuring loyalty and obedience are more than mere words.

Bay Buildings In Total War Pharaoh

Bay’s structures are extensions of his will, each serving a purpose in the grand scheme of his plans. They may not be military powerhouses, but they are economic strongholds and centers of influence.

  • Regional Fair: This bustling hub provides a general Resource Production Bonus, fueling Bay’s economic strategies. However, it comes at the cost of reduced Influence, a sacrifice for broader gains.
  • Smugglers’ Bay: Ensures a steady flow of Food and Wood Income, impervious to the whims of chance and circumstance. Yet, this security comes at a price, diminishing Happiness and Influence.
  • Singing Competition: A center of culture and joy, this establishment lifts spirits, boosting Happiness and Influence. It’s a softer power, but power nonetheless.
  • Chief Scribe’s Headquarters: The epicenter of Bay’s political maneuverings. It enhances Legitimacy, adds Influence per Non-Aggression Pact, provides a Diplomatic Bonus, and a general Resource Production Bonus. Here, alliances are forged, and futures are written.

Who Should Play Bay?

Playing as Bay is a nuanced and cerebral experience. It’s a path best suited for those who enjoy the subtleties of strategy, the intricacies of intrigue. His command abilities and buildings necessitate a playstyle that revolves around economic management and political maneuvering, rather than outright warfare.

However, this approach is not without its challenges. Bay’s reliance on influence and economic strategies requires a careful balance of power. Players must navigate alliances, manage resources, and always stay one step ahead in the political arena.