The sands of time shift, revealing the ancient world’s wonders where civilizations rose and fell, leaving behind legacies that echo through the ages. Total War: Pharaoh – Ancient Legacy takes players back to a time older than the Roman Empire, to the cradle of civilization itself — Egypt. This realm, rich in culture and history, survived for millennia before the Romans’ annexation. Even the Great Pyramid of Giza stands as a testament to a civilization that had flourished long before Rome was even a thought. In this game, the Ancient Legacies mechanic pays homage to this profound history, allowing players to walk in the footsteps of the pharaohs and rulers who shaped history.


What Are Ancient Legacies In Total War Pharoah?

But what exactly are Ancient Legacies in Total War: Pharaoh? They are a pivotal game mechanic where players choose to follow the path of an ancient Egyptian or Hittite ruler, unlocking unique gameplay styles and strategies deeply influenced by these historical figures. Each campaign allows for the selection of a single Ancient Legacy after aligning with the Egyptian or Hittite realms, offering a distinct approach to your strategic conquests.

Total War Pharoah All Egyptian Legacies

  • Akhenaten: Known for his revolutionary attempt to replace the traditional Egyptian pantheon with a potentially monotheistic faith, Akhenaten’s legacy allows players to forge their own deity, the Aten, by combining two gods. This custom god offers unique bonuses and the opportunity to colonize the sacred city of Akhetaten, providing flexibility in both peaceful and aggressive playstyles.
  • Hatshepsut: As one of the first female Pharaohs, Hatshepsut reopened vital trade routes and solidified her power. Her legacy empowers players to dispatch merchant caravans for trade, yielding various bonuses upon their return. This legacy is ideal for those favoring economic strategy and resource management.
  • Khufu: The builder of the Great Pyramid, Khufu’s legacy focuses on constructing monumental structures that confer passive bonuses and legitimacy. However, players must secure construction sites and gather resources, necessitating a balance between military and economic strategies.
  • Thutmose III: A legacy suited for the warmonger, Thutmose III’s path lets players mark cities as targets, enabling special actions to destabilize and conquer these locations, rewarding aggressive expansion and military prowess.

Total War Pharoah All Hittite Ancient Legacies

  • Muwatalli II.: Known for his role in the Battle of Kadesh and relocating the Hittite capital, Muwatalli’s legacy rewards keeping vassals and populations content. High happiness levels yield Gratitude, exchangeable for various bonuses, supporting both combative and peaceful approaches.
  • Tudhaliya I.: A conqueror of Western Anatolia, Tudhaliya’s legacy revolves around enhancing generals and vassals. Generals can become Hittite Princes, gaining unique abilities and improving relations with vassal states through victorious battles, favoring an aggressive style.

Which Legacy To Choose In Total War Pharoah

Each Ancient Legacy in “Total War: Pharaoh” offers a unique way to navigate the complex political, military, and economic landscape of ancient Egypt and the surrounding regions. Your choice will define your strategy, whether you’re a peaceful trader, a devout ruler, a warmongering conqueror, or a monumental builder. So, choose wisely, strategize astutely, and may the legacies of the ancients guide your path to glory.