Amenmesse emerges as a unique figure in Total War Pharaoh, his power deeply intertwined with gold. This ruler doesn’t just use gold for trade; he wields it as an instrument of influence, legitimacy, and power. This guide delves into Amenmesse’s golden strategies, highlighting his command abilities and buildings that form the backbone of his empire in Total War Pharaoh.


Amenmesse Command In Total War Pharaoh

Amenmesse’s approach to command is as unique as it is effective, revolving around the strategic use of gold to solidify his claim to the throne. This style suits players who enjoy a versatile gameplay, capitalizing on economic strength to navigate the path to power.

  • Regular Command: Amenmesse has the extraordinary ability to craft Golden Masks using his treasury, turning wealth into tangible legitimacy. These masks, more than mere symbols, solidify his claim to the throne, weaving gold into the very fabric of his right to rule.
  • Shemsu Hor Command: During the sacred Shemsu Hor period, Amenmesse’s command becomes even more potent. He significantly reduces Gold Recruitment Cost and Gold Construction Cost, allowing him to expand his forces and empire with unprecedented economic efficiency.

Amenmesse Buildings In Total War Pharaoh

The structures within Amenmesse’s domain are more than mere stone and wood; they are the foundations of his golden strategy, each serving a pivotal role in his quest to become a Great King.

  • Kushite Delegate School: This institution is a powerhouse of diplomacy and growth. It not only bolsters Workforce Growth and provides a general Resource Production Bonus but also enhances diplomatic relations. However, it comes with a reduction in Influence, a strategic trade-off that demands wise leadership.
  • The Hidden Rooms: A mysterious and potent source of power, The Hidden Rooms serve multiple roles. They enhance Legitimacy, boost Happiness, and provide a flat increase in Resource Income. However, they require a steady flow of gold to maintain, symbolizing Amenmesse’s reliance on wealth.
  • Gold Mine Labor Village: The heart of Amenmesse’s wealth, this facility is a steady source of gold income. Yet, it comes with a cost, diminishing Influence due to the harsh realities of labor within its confines.

Who Should Play Amenmesse?

Amenmesse’s gameplay is a golden gauntlet for those who thrive on economic strategy and resource management. His command abilities and buildings offer a path to power paved with gold, suitable for players who enjoy a versatile approach to their campaign.

Yet, Amenmesse’s golden path is not without its challenges. His reliance on gold necessitates a strong economy, and his strategies often involve careful trade-offs between wealth, influence, and legitimacy. As Amenmesse, your gold is your strength, but it’s also your lifeline; spend it wisely, invest it strategically.