Whether you just want to party up with friends to explore the deep dungeons and wildlands or gather loot to progress further in the game, traveling around the large world of Torchlight 3 might be a bit troublesome for you. As it takes too much time to simply backtrack to an area, you may have died in or an area you want to explore, this is where the fast travel function of the game comes in handy. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to fast travel in Torchlight 3.

How to Fast Travel in Torchlight 3

The fast traveling feature of Torchlight 3 is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. It uses the same “Waypoint Portal” mechanic as the majority of RPGs out there. Waypoints can be found in towns and major zones.

Once activated, you can use these waypoints to teleport to other towns and zones. Appearance-wise, these waypoints are “Circular Stone Engravings” in the ground with a sun-like icon in the middle. Once you interact with a waypoint by standing on it and clicking the right mouse button, it will start to glow with blue color and now can be used for fast travel.

It will also start showing up on the mini-map as a blue beacon so you don’t have difficulty finding it. Now coming towards the main thing, to fast travel in Torchlight 3:

  1. Go to a waypoint or a beacon icon using the mini-map.
  2. Stand on the waypoint to interact with it.
  3. A map screen will pop-up.
  4. Choose your destination on the map and click on it.
  5. After a brief loading screen, you’ll be teleported to your chosen destination.

You can also teleport straight to your fort and hub town using this method which is quite helpful.

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