Top 10 YouTubers Ranked By Merch Sales And Ad Revenue

YouTubers Ad Revenue

To make it on YouTube, you need to have millions of subscribers and views but you can make money by selling merchandise as well. Have you ever wondered how much money your favorite YouTubers make via merch sales and ad revenue? If you are interested in that then you have come to the right place. Here are the top 10 YouTubers ranked by merch sales and ad revenue.

PewDiePie Makes The Most Money On YouTube

Our boys Pewds has a huge channel and even though his editor, Brad1 just left, he still has a huge following and gets millions of views each day. He is on the top of our list when it comes to YouTubers with the most ad revenue and merch sales. He makes a lot of money from the ads that are shown on his videos but he also sells a lot of his own merchandise. The following are the numbers that you should know about when it comes to the top ten YouTubers and how much money they make from ad revenue:

YouTuber Average Ad Revenue ($)
PewDiePie 1,136,042
Dude Perfect 491,666
VanossGaming 379,197
DanDTM 364,902
JuegaGerman 325,219
Markiplier 296,400
Collins Key 295,998
Atta Halilintar 237,123
Jacksepticeye 235,058
Smosh 227,986
ElrubiusOMG 223,246
Jake Paul 214,743
Logan Paul Vlogs 140,836
Shane 138,151
JennaMarbles 93,990
MrBeast 83,809
PTXofficial 53,540
KSI 50,858
Ninja 44,363
Nigahiga 41,051

At the top we have Pewds. He makes double what Dude Perfect makes in a month. Jake and Logan do not seem to be doing all that great compared to the other top YouTubers and their monthly Ad revenue. We have Ninja, that is not really a big YouTuber. He is better known for streaming and has signed with Mixer, so he is good for now. Nigahiga does pretty well keeping in mind he only uploads once a month, roughly.

These numbers are taken from Purple Moon via PRWeek. These might be accurate to a certain degree but as no one except for the YouTubers themselves know how much money they make, some guesswork has gone into these numbers and how they are calculated. The actual figures could be much higher or lower. There is no way of knowing for sure.

Now that we know about the ad revenue that these YouTubers get, we can move on to the merch sales. The following are the top YouTubers ranked according to merch sales:

YouTuber Average Revenue From Product Sales($)
PewDiePie 6,834,645
Dude Perfect 2,957,950
VanossGaming 2,281,315
DanDTM 2,207,725
JuegaGerman 1,956,575
Markiplier 1,783,195
Collins Key 1,780,780
Atta Halilintar 1,426,575
Jacksepticeye 1,414,150
Smosh 1,371,805
ElrubiusOMG 1,343,090
Jake Paul 1,291,810
Logan Paul Vlogs 847,295
JennaMarbles 565,460
MrBeast 504,210
PTXofficial 322,105
KSI 305,975
Ninja 266,940
Nigahiga 246,940
Shane 203,178

You can see that the numbers are crazy. Pewds is still on top and makes a lot more money than Dude Perfect, which is in second place. One thing is for certain, these channels make a lot more money from merch sales than YouTube ad revenue. Shane is the only outlier here. He ranks lower in merch sales as compared to YouTube ad revenue.