In AC: Valhalla, Tombs of the Fallen are small dungeon-like areas that can be discovered for a variety of rewards. These tombs are usually brimming with puzzles but the rewards at the end at worth it. The very 1st tomb is marked on the map but the others must be found. In this Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla guide, we have shared the locations of all the Tombs of the Fallen.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Tombs of the Fallen Locations

In total, there are 4 Tombs of the Fallen that can be discovered in AC: Valhalla. In order to access a Tomb of the Fallen, simply interact with the stones outside it. Below, we have provided their detailed locations:

Manius’s Sanctum

This one is unmissable as it is introduced in the questline. To begin, speak to the Norse Woman near the docks in Ravensthorpe. Once done, the location of the 1st Tomb of the Fallen will get marked on the map – in Grantebridscire. Also, do note that the remaining dungeons cannot be accessed before the 1st one is solved.

Boudicca Tomb

While in East Angela, go to Elmenhalm and continue toward the east. The 2nd tomb should be right next to a Mushroom Challenge.

Cassivellaunus Tomb

This one is located in Sciropescire, toward the east of Repton (Viewpoint). On the map, it should be directly below the Fast Travel sign – not too bad to locate.

Venutius Tomb

The last Tomb of the Fallen in AC: Valhalla is located in the Eurvicscire – directly at the north of Anlaf’s Lookout. Once again, it is not too hard to locate. Interact with the rocks to gain entrance.

This is all we have got in our Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Tombs of the Fallen Locations guide. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla wiki page.


  1. I had never heard of this, nor did I solve the first one or talk to the woman at the docks, but I stumbled upon Boudicca’s tomb and solved it.

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