In the Farthest Frontier, you are the leader; therefore, you are responsible for looking after and feeding your people so they can work efficiently. While you could farm to provide food for the people, it would take up a lot of time and wouldn’t be enough if your village expanded. So, in this guide, I’ll share some tips to help you increase food production in your village.

Ways To Increase Food Production

Follow the below-mentioned to increase food production in the Farthest Frontier:

Food Farming

To ensure that people have enough food, you need to start a farm and grow grains and vegetables. However, to get the best results from your farming efforts, you must regularly maintain and care for your crops. If you don’t, your hard work will be for nothing as the crops will spoil.


The number of barns you have will determine how much food you can get from animals. For example, if you have cows and buffaloes, they will provide you with milk, meat, and skin. Skins can be used to make clothes and other valuable items.

Arborist and Orchard

The Arborist and Orchard team will not only grow fruits but also allow your villagers to stay within the village to get them.


Build as many bakeries as possible to produce various bakery items in your village. Although bakeries are useful, they require a lot of effort to maintain, like obtaining the right tools, such as windmills.

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