Should You Take The Throne In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Throne

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale gives you plenty of choices that will affect the game as you progress. After you are introduced to the game, you will be given the choice to take the throne. In this King Arthur: Knight’s Tale guide, we are going to go over what happens if you take the throne and the effects of not doing so.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Throne Choice And Effects

After clearing the first dungeon in Camelot you have the choice regarding how you want to lead. You can either choose to take the throne or leave it.

If You Take The Throne

If you select “I have decided. This is my throne room now, and with my band of selected knights I will fulfill my destiny” then when you meet Sir Balan, he will already know that you want to take the place of King Arthur.

He will ask you to find his brother Sir Balin as he would be a good fit for your court. Sir Mordred saves the village so that he can make the villagers restore Camelot. Selecting this option will earn you Tyrant +1.

If You Do Not Take The Throne

If you select the option “I have been chosen by the Lady of the Lake as the protector of Camelot. I will not take this throne” then Sir Balan will have a positive response. You will earn Rightful +1.

Each character in the game different morality and allegiance. The effects might not seem all that significant at first sight but they will become clearer as you progress the game. While some characters might seem to agree with you at first. You will later find out that they were not on the same page. Others are not going to stand with you at all and will decide to take a different path entirely.

This is what happens if you pick to take the throne or leave it in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale.

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