In a stunning upset, Battlebit Remastered, a low poly online FPS game developed by a team of just three indie developers, has exceeded the player count of Battlefield 2024 but has emerged as the top-selling game globally on Steam. With an impressive concurrent player count of 37,000, Battlebit Remastered has outshined its competition which should leave major publishers and developers, including EA, concerned about the growing influence of talented and creative indie teams.

battlebit player count

Battlefield 2024, the latest installment in one of the most renowned FPS franchises of all time, currently boasts 8,600 concurrent players on Steam (on a weekend). The unexpected success of Battlebit Remastered, with its groundbreaking gameplay mechanics and the ability to accommodate massive 254-player battles, has caught the gaming world off guard.

The triumph of Battlebit Remastered over Battlefield 2024 serves as a testament to the growing prowess of indie developers and their ability to challenge established giants in the industry. It highlights the notion that innovative ideas and a fresh approach can triumph over the well-established resources of major publishers.

Battlefield 2024 player count

At the core of Battlebit Remastered’s appeal is its distinct low poly visual style. The success of Battlebit Remastered is a wake-up call for traditional game publishers who have long relied on the strength of their established franchises and significant investments. It emphasizes the potential for smaller, independent studios to disrupt the market with original ideas, engaging gameplay, and an unwavering focus on player experience.

The overwhelming reception of Battlebit Remastered as an alternative to mainstream titles like Battlefield and Call of Duty signifies a growing appetite among gamers for unique experiences that break away from formulaic AAA shooters. This trend underscores a shift in player preferences, where gameplay innovation and captivating mechanics take precedence over traditional branding and marketing prowess.