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Update: NETICTECH reached out to RespawnFirst today and vowed to make changes to its EULA with the following statement.

We have recently read your post “This Game Is Collecting Your Steam Log
Ins For “Marketing Purposes,” But Can’t Ensure Data Security” concerning
our video game – Gatewalkers.

We must admit that it made us reconsider our current EULA & Privacy
Policy and we decided to make some amendments.

We would like to assure you that we were never using any of the
collected data for marketing purposes. The scope of data which we may in
fact collect and the process is very strict – please take a look:

NETICTECH has drafted a new EULA for Gatewalkers which is far less invasive and better protects user data.

Original Story: Under normal circumstances, gamers don’t think twice before agreeing to the EULA. In fact, most of us don’t even know what personal data many Steam games collect which is why even the most invasive EULA agreements slide right by us. But we caught this one, Gatewalkers.


Gatewalkers is an action RPG that released its alpha version on Steam a few days ago on June 25. The game itself is not bad, it is a pretty decent experience, to be honest, but what’s truly insane about this particular title is its EULA. The amount of data they collect is mind-blowing. Here’s a list of data  NETICTECH  collects, as mentioned in its EULA.

  • User’s e-mail address
  • User’s Steam account login
  • Users’ data possible to gain by us using API SteamWorks .NET
  • Additional Personal Data as is contained in the message which User send to us
    Information about when the User plays our Computer Game
  • Information about the User’s progress in the Computer Game
  • Information about how the User’s plays, i.e. what strategies uses, applied tactics during character development, combat, created items, etc.
  • Information regarding User’s computer, hardware, media, software and your use of the Computer Game to validate license rights.

We may automatically collect certain information about users and the device by means of which they access the Website. For example, we may log your IP address (and in this way determine the approximate location of your device), operating system and browser type, referring website, content you viewed on the Website, the dates/times when you accessed the Website. We may also collect information about actions you take while using the Website.

When they collect this much data one would at least hope that all data will be protected, right? No. While the developer has measures in place to protect your data, it can not ensure or warrant the security of your data.

Pursuant to applicable regulations, NETICTECH maintains reasonable technical and administrative procedures and measures to protect collected Personal Data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration or unauthorized disclosure. However, NETICTECH cannot ensure or warrant the security of any data against any possible loss or unauthorized access.

If you agree to the EULA, NETICTECH has the right to disclose your information to third parties. Your data can and will be used for marketing purposes. Moreover, they have the right to transfer your data,  including Steam logins, to someone else in case they sell part of their company or assets. The buyer will also get access to your personal information. NETICTECH will keep your data for as long they want until you personally ask them to remove your information.

It is safe to say that Gatewalkers EULA is one of the most invasive and potentially dangerous agreements on Steam right now. Be very cautious and read the personal information section of the EULA before agreeing to play Gatewalkers.