One thing you may have noticed about this last season of The Witcher Netflix series is the fact that the timelines are convoluted as hell. Lauren S. Hissrich, one of the heads behind the show did share some insight on The Witcher season 2 and what to expect including a potential release window of 2021 which is pretty exciting right? But also, the story will be more contained.

Last updated on February 7th, 2020 at 03:17 am

The showrunner took to Reddit and hosted an AMA regarding the show. Of course, many of the questions pertained to what direction the show will be taking later on as we approach the second season.

He described how the first one actually focused a lot on just world and character building. You’ll notice that a big chunk of the story was told from three different perspectives. One being of Geralt’s, another of Yennefer’s and finally one of Cirilla’s. However, the three didn’t entwine at any point until the very end of the show.

The jumps between timelines like early Cintra or post-Blaviken were also pretty vague in how they were executed. Most of the time it was Jaskier’s exposition that actually clued us as to what point of the timeline we’re currently in. This is something Mr. Hissrich has assured won’t be happening in The Witcher season 2. Obviously, since season 1 has done its job of setting everything up.

The story will be much more linear, now that the three characters’ stories have started to intersect.

This came alongside the mention that the studio has no intention of rushing the product since “that won’t be beneficial” to anybody. True enough, Sonic 06 stands as living proof of how disastrous a rushed product can be so I’m glad these guys are taking it slow.

He also mentioned that we won’t only be seeing the characters from the first season. A lot of quirky new ones are to be introduced and I’m not sure if he means new ones exclusive to the show, or other popular characters we all know and love. I personally really want to see Regis be done well in this Netflix adaption if anything, though I wouldn’t mind someone like Lambert or Zoltan either.

We could also finally see Vesemir show up in the second season which is estimated to come around the past 2021. Although the majority believes Mark Hamil to be taking up the mantle, here are a few other picks that we think could fit the role better.

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